Thoroughbred Broodmares in Foal for Sale

Whole blood mares in foals for sale

Nice correct mare in foal by He's Had Enough. Foal mares are sold privately and in November. Midway, KY After four month old foal to minimise the "break-in" after weaning while selling. Or, if it's a later foal, take the foal from its mother at the selling hour and send it directly to the seller. Regular withdrawal is used (mares are taken 2 or 3 at a stretch and colts are permitted to remain with their herd).

For 2-3 week now, colts have been consuming 16% concentrated proteins with their mothers. Rather than crawling, we lay out additional cribs for colts, which they divide into groups while their mothers feed on them. As soon as the offspring are used to weaning, most 1-2 liters consume 16% proteins 2-3 meals a day. 2.

Colts come to the stables at 2 pm and are cared for around 30 September. During foal care they should carry a chipney denture without fixing the shaft. In case the offspring are to be run by hands or placed on a pedestrian, they should be started about 10 min in the first October weeks and work up to half an hours.

Approximately 2 months before the sale the offspring start to walk in chiffney bit and learn to walk. Do not plan your leg trim nearer than one fortnight before the sale boat and use terpentine on the bottom of your legs to secure against stone powder showcases. Seperate the colt from the filly, the yearling, who still live outside in groups.

Each yearling comes every morning for breakfasts and to have their foot chosen. Keep your legs trimmed every 3-4 week throughout the year. Run the testes for guns. If possible, begin to introduce during the course of the working days and give your own food as needed. Bigger stallion poddocks may need to be divided into smaller groups. Practise going to and from the paddock quickly, sturdy filly will begin to bear Chiffneys.

Divide the guns into 1-3 per dock. Begin with unripe youngsters on the sidewalk or in the round bar: Ten minutes/day, increased to 20 by the end of two week. Go only with walking aid; can use gentle jogging in round pin. Every sale yearling should now wear a Chiffney to get to the drivers area.

Of all the annuals now on participation later ( 19h), during the course of the workday. Each yearling starts with a walker: 10 minutes/day to go, then they increment by 10 minutes/week until they are up to 1 hr old. Fats go jogging in the Round Pen or go out with a barn apple for 15 min.

Skinny juveniles or those who do not eat well will go to Zantac or Gastro-Guard. After work, most youths are given a bath in clear tap lukewarm mineral oil; medical grade lukewarm salt is used as needed. Each colt has developed in individual docks. Selling shoes and putting on shoes.

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