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Thoroughbred 0 - 2 year old horses for sale She is a stallion of a beautiful offspring by Distorted Humor ($60, 000.) And out of a really....

. Beautiful big fillies, a lot of shiny chrom. Brad Colts..... Birth of a foal for a young foal out of the first runner by Golden Ticket....

Brooded weaned foal from the very first class of the runner for the stallion Onkel..... Our stock consists of children up to 4 years of age. They are all by a stallion (tip ..... LocationPakenham, ON K0A... 2017 Thoroughbred foal, Jockey Club register. Sold from 2 year old NY breeded racehorses Dam SpW fractured by also weaning fillies.....

Good manners 2 year old foal from the first guy, healthy and in practice, breeze, goal work, need goal map. Well, this fillies is very beautiful!

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LEXINGTON, Ky - Yearlings from Scat Daddy's end harvest were the focus of the opening event of the Fasig-Tipton Turf Showcase Selected Yearlings Sale, where the deceased Coolmore Colt was featured by three of the four top tickets, among them the two $250,000 Copper Sunday in Newtown Paddocks in Lexington.

Lawn sale for the first time turned out to be strongly polarised as 71 of the 145 years old on offer found no new houses. Fasting-Tipton had been hoping to benefit from the large quota of Europeans buying in the city to sell Keeneland in September, but Browning acknowledged that he was dissapointed with the shortage of overseas shoppers on the definitive list.

"He said, "I was very satisfied with the quality and the number of Europeans that have been on the premises in the last three trading day and I was really dissapointed with the number of horse we have been selling to Europeans. One of the Co-Topping-Scat Daddy colts (hip 84) and four of the top 10 tickets of the sale were handed over to Taylor Made Sale.

Mr Taylor accepted that the procedure for selecting a grass sale in the near-term would have to be stricter in order for the sale to be sustainable in the long run. The Ocala rider Nick DeMeric bought the tickets for the other co-top stallion (hip 84) and a Animal Kingdom offspring (hip 74) for 185,000 dollars. "It' s an inventive concept, I think, and I give the biggest merit to the distributor to always think outside the box about what they are doing routinely," said deMeric.

Of course there is no justification for that in Europe, Japan and Australasia. Lothenbach had a great race track week-end and with a $250,000 co-sale top spot buy a Scat Daddy stallion at the Fasig-Tipton Tour Showcase sale.

First Samurai Bet She Win, a $230,000 dollar buy at last year's Fasig-Tipton Saratoga sale, wore Lothenbach's colours to win the Sunday Arlington-Washington Lassie S. and his self-bred Captivating Moon (Malibu Moon) finished second in the Arlington-Washington Futurity on the same date. The Lothenbach team has around 100 racers, but the Minnesota man was particularly active in the retail ring last year after he sold his Imagine Print Solutions printshop last year.

Lothenbach also bought a Distorted Humor (hip 130) filly for $90,000 in Lexington on Sunday in additon to the Scat Daddy filly. First sale of the Fasig Turf Showcase took place in the shade of the Keeneland September Yearling Sale Marchathon and Nardiello acknowledged that the sale could have taken a hit as purchasers took a wait-and-see attitude to the bid.

Harbingerofthings (Rockport Harbingerofthings), which was handed over for Fasig sale by Vinery Sales on the order of the grower Spendthrift Farm. Schendthrift bought the filly, with this filly in her womb, for 150,000 dollars at the Keeneland November Sale 2015. Scat Daddy's last annuals turned out to be very much loved on Sunday evening and even though had 84 was no different, they sold themselves to Nick deMeric for a co-sale of over $250,000.

Sharing the top billings with another of Ashford's deceased father's sons, 50 Hi. There were five Scat Daddies walking the ring Monday evening, four colts and one fillies. Foal (hip 98) RNA'd at a last offer of $120,000, but all four foals sell for a grand aggregate of $840,000. Additionally to the 50 and 84 waist, 85 tip conjured $200,000 from Hunter Valley Farm and 78 tip conjured $140,000 from Tom McCrocklin, the SBS Sales agen.

Fasig-Tipton Turf Showcase sale was only 11 thighs old when Everett Dobson became the first to bid for the $200,000 stamp when he bought the tickets at that prize under the name of his Cheyenne stable for a Kitten's Joy foal. Taylor Made Sales Agency handed over thejahrling.

Ramseys bought brushwork for $9,500 at the Fasig-Tipton February sale in 2013. This year the filly was on sale at Keeneland January for $150,000 to Kitten's Joy. Stinson came to a lively round of bids towards the end of the sale to take home a Malibu Moon (Hip 168) filly for $200,000 from the Darby Dan show.

Taylor Made was one of the associates of the new owner group that founded the double Horses of the Year California Chrome.

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