Thoroughbred Filly for Sale

Purebred filly for sale

Quickly she needs a sports horse home, otherwise she will be sold for racing. You can find local thoroughbred foals in horses and ponies for sale and care in the UK and Ireland. to sell horses from Fox Haven Farm. Beautiful Palomino filly with exceptional character. BlackType mare Danehill Dancer broodmare full sister to BlackType mare for sale.

Fillies thoroughbred horses for sale

Beautiful big filly, a lot of shiny chrom. Born yearling filly out of the first runner foal by Golden Ticket out of.... Brooded weaned filly from the very first class of the runner for the stallion Onkel..... LocationPakenham, ON K0A... 2017 Thoroughbred filly, Jockey Club register.

A short while ago this lovely, noisy, accurate filly was launched on drums. Good manners 2 year old filly from the first guy, healthy and in practice, breeze, goal work, need goal map. That filly is very pretty! Right, big spirit and big, thick thighs. Non-registered annual mare.

Moon' - Athletic young thoroughbred filly for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

"A 2015 brown thoroughbred filly, "Moon" already has almost 15.2 hours of foal and has to keep growing for another three years. "The " Moon" is flawless and runner-up and is beloved by everyone in her shed. The filly can go in any way of training, versatility, polo, westerns, trails or even therapeutic work. Their father is Hat Tick, whose offspring are known to be extremely sporty and have a great skull.

"Moon " is extremely calm and friendly, easily rideable on the course and friendly and gently around the shed. It is a total resting pack that represents the blacksmith, silently charges the pendant and is simply an all-round goody. When you have the spare moment and the endurance to work with a neat shale, "Moon" could be the right choice for you.

She' ll be an easily trained stallion and could be in the show ring in less than two month.

On sale

We are reducing the size of our farm and are open for sensible deals for one of the below mentionedorses. Horse raising and a slight noise of horseback brought us two outstanding stallions. A very simple grower and foal by the rules. She should be fit, sprightly, athletic with a lot of bones and be able to do well in any event.

Sounds for easy ride and breed. In 2018 a beautiful filly named Pallomino was sired. That filly was bred for the occasion. Wonderful filly with extraordinary character. The filly should be the perfect foal for an entertainer or even a pro. It is enormous with a lot of bones and an extraordinary spirit both from her father and from her mother.

Completely accurate foundation and beautiful motion. Powerful sporting lines like Val De L'Orne (the same dam as Denny Emerson's Reputed Testamony), Hoist the Flag and the Doppel Turn To - have given birth to three beautiful sires. Outstanding dam, lightweight breeder and foal according to regulations. Sounds like a breed and gentle horseback ride, but requires footwear to ride because it is thinly occupied.

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