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The CANTER spotlight offers retired thoroughbred racehorses the chance of a new career. STALLIONS FOR SALE. Bits & Bytes Farm's mission is to promote the thoroughbred racehorse as a sport horse. It loads, leads, baths, stands for the farrier. For more information, please visit www.

Thoroughbreds for sale

She is a trained rider and a good movers. Sporty versatility or show-jump view! He/she is a trainer of young horses and.... Fill out the request form: https: //wwww. wbshcares. com/pre-purchase-application By.... Fill in the request form: https: //wwww. wbshcares. com/.... Fill in the request form: https: //wwww. wbshcares. com/....

Watch the slideshow below. www. wbshcares. com Riviere d'Or .... Fill in the request form: https: //wwww. wbshcares. com/....

Thoroughbred for sale at Warmblood

For sale: 2h thoroughbred by Unusual Heat/Corporate Report Blaine has successfully evolved from living on the slopes (where he won over $50,000!) to living as a saddleback. It has been shown by its ham at USDF approved exhibitions at training levels. It also loves fox hunting and diving.

Currently, he is riding several USDF gold medal winners per wk to further his schooling. It learns the moves of the second plane, incl. back gallop and easy changes. Born in Gavin is a beautiful 6 year old thoroughbred. Still quite verdant, he is very willing to learnt and keen to work with his horseman.

16h thoroughbred Gelding. He can compete in second class training. He' s still in need of a self-assured horseman. He is sired by a Swiss yodel out of an Australian thoroughbred filly. The price for selling as a horseman is very soon on the way to school. Absoult Red HB a ka Red is from two very gifted show jumpers and eventers ancestors.

She is a quiet, respectable, mature bay thoroughbred filly with Hilkens Go For Golden for an early 2019 filly in 2012. She is a very beautiful filly, she was hurt on the course and will unfortunately only ever be the same.

He had a filly in 2015, who is currently in racing train. She is a thoroughbred filly from 2011, she did drive races but was not very well. At the age of 15 years she was raised and certified as a filly. .... Smokey's Honor is a 2009 brown tuba gelding with 16 handed.

We' re a stable for young horses, but when we asked him to show us, he was happy to do everything we gave him, in good shape and very adaptable. He was very courageous, not creepy at all, but he is sensible and needs a self-confident horseman with good palms. It trains second and third degree moves.

is a 16-year-old darkbrown thoroughbred mare. It is Oldenburg recognized, with impressing notes for exterior and look, which they enter in the main mare album. He has also participated in the training arena. The Qredit is a training champ known for his movements and outfit.

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