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This thoroughbred book series by several authors includes books such as A Horse Called Wonder, Wonder's Promise, Wonder's First Race and many more. You can find thoroughbred horse books online. Retrieve the best thoroughbred horse books from our marketplace.


Throroughbred is a novel about young adults that deals with Kentucky throroughbred cycling and equestrian sports. Launched in 1991 by Joanna Campbell (better known as Jo Ann Simon, formerly Haessig), the show included 72 books as well as several "super editions" and a spin-off Ashleigh show until the end of 2005.

It concentrates on a group of key figures, most notably Ashleigh Griffen, Samantha McLean, Cindy Blake/McLean and Ashleigh's daugther Christina as well as Christina's mates. When Ashleigh grew up, the books initially followed Ashleigh's adventure; when Ashleigh grew up, the emphasis of the books changed to the young Samantha McLean.

While Samantha's years as a collegiate and adulthood saw her books focus on Cindy Blake McLean, Samantha's adopted younger sisters. There was a big "time gap" later in the show before the show was directed at a young Christina and her colonel Melanie. These books, aimed at a mainly feminine public 14 years ago, investigate the adventure of character in horse races, versatility and obstacle courses.

Both Christina and Melanie, the two protagonists, arejockeys and many books address their piste and off-piste challenges: while their lives with their horse are the story of the piste, schools, friends and families often offer side stories. Whitebrook, the farmstead of the Reese dynasty, is the backdrop for most of the shows.

Vollblut is released by HarperEntertainment, a publisher of HarperCollins. Twelve different writers have participated in the fifteen years of its history. Currently there are over two million thoroughbred books in print[quoting required]. This thoroughbred serial is narrated in the third persons narrative and is usually narrated from the perspective of a solitary being.

The first 23 books are narrated from the perspective of Ashleigh Griffen (#1 - #5), Samantha McLean (#6 - #12) and Cindy McLean (#13 - #23). From the 23rd volume, the show began what was known as the "New Generation" and jumped over a new group of protagonists for ten years:

Cristina Reese, Melanie Graham, Parker Townsend and a small group of secondary figures. The books were still in the third generation, but the characters' points of view would change between the books. From early on, the show focused on Ashleigh handles and her adventure at Townsend Acres, a Clay Townsend race and breed outfit.

Ashleigh's mothers, Derek and Elaine Griffen, take over the Townsend Acres brood area after their own ranch, Edgardale, has to be resold because of a viral that spreads on the ranch killing both broodmares and colts. At first Ashleigh doesn't like her new way of living, but she gets more used to it after an older broodmare called Townsend Holly gave birth to a little foal called Wonder.

Although Wonder is very feeble and almost dying severalfold, Ashleigh's grooming makes her a Kentucky Derby and Belmont winner. When Ashleigh has grown up, the story focuses on Samantha McLean. When Ashleigh's Wonder died, Christina was tied to Wonder's Star, Wonder's last colt.

Since then, the show has maintained a strong emphasis on thoroughbred races, and left the Parker Townsend event to the show, which was regularly added to the show shortly after Wonder's deaths. Subsequently the show concentrated on Christina and Melanie and their stallions Wonder's Star, Perfect Image and Hi Jinx. At the end of the show, Allie Avery, the last protagonist of Thoroughbred, was presented as the daughters of Craig and Jilly Avery; Craig and Jilly had been early eliminated from the show, but were returned to allow for the launch of a new characters.

Interested in both versatility and motorsport, Allie brought the two together in the thoroughbred line, although she eventually chose to become a jockey. Ashleigh's Wonder receives Wonder's Legacy, the often neglected offspring of Ashleigh's Wonder, as a present when she is fourteen. Reese Ashleigh handles, the mid kid of Derek and Elaine handles and the nurse of Caroline and Rory handles.

Asleigh is the Wonder in the Breeders' Cup Classic Jockey, a coach at Whitebrook Farm and finally the boss. and has a little girl, Christina. You could find Ashleigh in all the books. With Caroline Griffen, the older sisters of Ashleigh and Rory Griffen and the oldest children of Derek and Elaine Griffen.

She has been scared of a horse ever since you almost ran away with her before the whole familiy moved to Acres. The younger brothers of Rory Griffen, Ashleigh and the youngest of Derek and Elaine Griffen. Like Ashleigh and her folks.

Only seven years old, Rory is too young to comprehend why his wife and daughter went to Acres. Finally Rory gets a new fringe called Moe 2. The Derek Griffen, the sire of Caroline, Ashleigh and Rory Griffen and the man of Elaine Griffen. He' s head of stud at Acres.

Derek warned Ashleigh not to get too near Wonder for afraid she would get killed. because it' her biggest issue. Deek is worried about Ashleigh as her notes fall. and Elaine Griffen, the mom of Caroline, Ashleigh and Rory Griffen and the woman of Derek Griffen.

She' s the head of the Townsend Acres team. And Elaine thinks the horse is the horse of the world. If Ashleigh's notes pass through too much with Wonder Elaine and Derek, Ashleigh is grounded until their notes begin to upgrade. Ashleigh wants to keep away from Wonder for fear she'll get injured.

Townsend Acres and the Parker Townsend Grandpa's Grandpa. Much friendlier to Ashleigh and the other personalities than his boy or daughter-in-law, he was although he turned a close ear when it came to his boy. Clay' girl is never in the books. Charlie "Charlie" Burke, a crispy old coach with a penchant for youngsters, helping Wonder the Nurses to recover, coach them and run.

Much of Ashleigh's success was also due to his involvement in Ashleigh's start as a young Jockey. With Ashleigh running aground when her notes slipped, Charlie agreed with her sanction. Ashleigh's mom and dad only do what they think is best. on Ashleigh and Mike's anniversary.

Ian and Suzanne McLean's organic baby and Beth McLean's stepmother. Kevin McLean's half-sister and Cindy's adopting half-sister. Ashleigh's dear fellow, the Sierra jockey. She is later in the show preggers with twin and directs an all purpose college, Whisperwood, which is visited by Christina and Parker.

Before the " Thoroughbred " show, Samantha's dam was murdered in a horsewreck. After Suzanne' s death Ian compelled her to stop horse back riding and only permitted her to take care of them. Ian' doing this is to get samantha to safety. With reluctance, Ian gives permission to go back on horseback to Ian, on conditions that she is cautious.

and Lavinia Townsend, the noble owner of Townsend Acres, where Ashleigh once was. and Cindy's adopted father, re-married to Beth Raines, Cindy's adopted mom.

Suzanne, his first wife, died in a horse back crash in front of the books. Samantha again to protect her. Ultimately, Ian realised that Suzanne didn't want Samantha to stop horsebacking. Samantha told Ian she can go back, but she has to be cautious.

Samantha's stepmother, Kevin's mom and Cindy's adopted mom. She' s wedded to Ian McLean, Cindy' s adopted dad. Ian and Beth McLean's sons. He' s the halfbrother of Samantha McLean and the adopting halfbrother of Cindy McLean. Cristina Reese, Ashleigh and Mike's daugher, Caroline and Rory's niece, and Derek and Elaine's grandchild.

Cristina's the Wonder's Star Jockey. Your friend is Parker Townsend. Christina's friend, the boy of Brad and Lavinia, Parker Townsend, and the grandchild of Clay Townsend. Ashleigh's Wonder. She was the yockey. Mike " Michael Reese, Ashleigh's spouse, Christina's dad, Caroline and Rory's brother-in-law, and Derek and Elaine's son-in-law.

Mikey begins as Ashleigh's friend. Finally Mike and Ashleigh greet their little Christina. and Samantha's birth mom. Samantha was 12 years old when Suzanne was murdered in a horsewreck. Ian and Samantha abandoned Miami after their demise and relocated to Kentucky. lan refuses to let Samantha go back on horseback and only allows her to take care of them.

Ultimately, Ian realised that Suzanne didn't want Suzanne to stop ridin'. She was reluctant to let me go back on horseback as long as she was cautious. Ashleigh`s Wonder, the ill filly that healthens and educates Ashleigh nursing staff to become a Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes and Breeders' Cup Classic winner.

Then Clay Townsend gives Ashleigh half an interest in Wonder and all her colts, who then in the early show build up a major part of the parcels when there are conflict over the administration and education of their heirs. Townsend Holly and Townsend Pride are her daughters, half-sisters of Shining (through her father) and mother of six colts in the Wonder's Pride, Townsend Princess, Mr. Wonderful, Wonder's Champion, Wonder's Legacy and Wonder's Star ranges.

Wonder's half-brother and race competitor, Wonder's half-brother Prince, Wonder, dies at the beginning of the season in an unfortunate crash as soon as Wonder has her first offspring. Battlecry's fillies Fleet Goddess, Fleet Goddess, became Ashleigh's first horse to be educated and bought after Wonder's retiring. While she had a prosperous careers, she also became known as a prosperous brood mare, with her offspring presented as secondary figures throughout the entire show, Fleeting Moment, Premicious, Premicious, Limitless Time, Fleet Street.

Wonder's Pride, Wonder's first foal, a very successfull race horse that won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Breeder's Cup Classic. Wonder's first and only mare in the line, Princess, had a bad run. The princess, wounded by Lavinia Townend at the beginning of her workout, was compelled to heal for month from a broken gun-leg.

The Princess is the mother of Wonder's first grandchild Honour Bright (from Union Honour), who would be the lead horse in Book #23. Mr. Wonderful, Wonder's second filly, often described as a honey-colored filly, was not portrayed as the protagonist in the story (Shining and Glory was created as one of the Whitebrook stars).

Wonder's Champion, probably the most successfull filly by Wonder (by Townsend Victor), won after a hard beginning in book 20 the Triple Crown and the Dubai World Cup (books 21 and 22). Sierra, a live chestnut-coloured filly that Samantha McLean and her friend Tor Nelson taught to be a top obstacle runner after his Florida run.

The March to Glaory, a stole horse saved by Cindy McLean and later to become the Star of the Whitebrook line for Books 14-18, was given half an interest in Glaory to the Townsends to get the champion education in Glaitebrook (Book 18 Glory's Rival). Glaory was the object of a scandal when another coach and veterinarian tried to stun and murder him in #16 Glaory in Danger.

A gray sprinter, Storm's Ransom, who was bought at the Saratoga Yearling Sale in Book #17 Ashleigh's Farewell and was the object of Book 19 because he acquired a deadly disease and passed away. Cindy was in charge of his early practice and would keep visiting his tomb throughout the show. Wonder's Legacy, a long lost filly that was Wonder's fifth filly, received Christina Reese (#24), who would later exchange her half interest for Sterling Dream a thoroughbred horse that would later become a winning show jumper.

The bequest was given to Allie Avery in the last few books. He won the final stage of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes. The first fourteen thoroughbred books were written by Joanna Campbell, along with the first two books in the spin-off Ashleigh booklet. When Campbell quit typing, longtime journalist Karen Bentley took over and wrote books fifteen to twenty-three.

When Karen Bentley quit the show, there was a revolving panellist of contributors: Whole Blood #36, Without Wonder, was penned by an anonymous writer under the pseudonym "Brook James". We had four really good books. Often the incidents described in the major issues take place in a pause between two of the books, for example Ashleigh's Christmas Miracle is said to take place between books eighteen and nineteen of the main family.

Ashleigh's Christmas miracle, which focuses on the happenings around the birthday of Christina. Sometimes the caretaker content represent question of steadiness in the patron ordering. Ashleigh's Christmas miracle, for example, states during Ashleigh's dreams that the boy of Brad and Lavinia Townsend bears the name Ross. The toddler boy also bears the name Ross in Brad and Lavinia's #16, which vanishes soon after and comes back with another name during the New Generation (Parker Jamison Townsend).

It' also believed that the fantasy sequel to Ashleigh's Christmas Miracle affected the storylines of the show, such as Christina's early interest in versatility. Wonder's legacy is a trimilogy within the main stream itself, which includes books from thirty-six to thirty-eight. Three trilogies cover the consequences of the passing of Wonder, Ashleigh's favourite race horse, and Christina's choice to move her emphasis from versatility to race to become the joker of Wonder's last stallion, Wonder's Star.

Cindy's Desert Adventure and Cindy's Bold Start, vols. 47 and 48, are two loose diary features released within the standard show to illustrate the lack of character and continuation issues caused by the ten-year gulf between Cindy's honor and the new generation. Describing how Ashleigh suffered her second trimester, the destiny of Wonder's Champion and Cindy McLeans journeys to the United Arab Emirates, New York City and eventually back to Whitebrook Farm, these books describe how Ashleigh suffered her second mating.

Samantha also had a two books publication, the books sixty-five and sixty-six, released in the normal serial, similar to the "lost diary spezials". The books, Bridal Dreams and Samantha's Irish Luck are not differentiated with a distinct heading that indicates their "special" state within the show, but are generally considered as such and have been incorporated into the mainstream show in an attempt to clarify Samantha's history during the ten-year void left by the new generation.

These books describe Samantha's marriages with Tor and her move to Ireland, Samantha's changing emphasis from horse races to events and show jump, and the emergence of Samantha and Tor's offspring. Ashleigh's spin-off episode takes place in a "time bubble" shortly before Ashleigh's move to Acres after a viral infection destroyed her family's broodmare population.

Edgardale, the Griffen company, is the principal venue of the range. These books trace the adventure of eleven-year-old Ashleigh and her best girlfriend Mona Gardener. HarperCollins published three books in 1998 as part of the Ashleigh's Thoroughbred Collection, books similar to the Thoroughbred and also authored by writers in the group.

Out of the three books released in this compilation, only Battlecry Forever! featured Battlecry Forever! figures in the full-blooded serial. The Star of Shadowbrook Farm, by Joanna Campbell, was first released in 1992 by HarperEntertainment and in 1998 again in the Ashleigh's Thoroughbred Collections. There is no connection between the character and the plot and the thoroughbred game.

Forgotten Filly, by Karle Dickerson, was released by HarperTorch in 1993 and re-released in 1998 as part of Ashleigh's thoroughbred collection. There is no connection between the character and the plot and the thoroughbred game. Posted by Joanna Campbell, Battlecry Forever! was first released on HarperEntertainment in 1992 and re-released in Ashleigh's Thoroughbred Collection in 1998.

And Battlecry is the father of Fleet Goddess, a broodmare who buys Ashleigh handles in the thoroughbred family. It' s the only one that was ever published outside the thoroughbred franchise and is canonical.

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