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Can' believe this fantastic horse is still available. The Hidden Acres Rescue for Thoroughbreds (HART) focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, retraining and rehabilitation of thoroughbreds off the track. Join the Racehorse Remember Me Rescue Foundation. SANCTUARY. Read more.


The majority have been adopted, but some of these lovely stallions are still with us waiting for the ideal home. There is a $525 charge for adopting a whole blood that is under 20 years old and in good physical health. Older pets who are thoroughbred pets are charged $275 for adopting. Acceptance charges includes the registration charge of $25.

It is our aim to keep the adopted horse up to date with their inoculations, worms and forging work. Please visit our Adoption Process page for further information on how to choose one of theseorses. The $525Allie adoption fee is currently sponsored at Some Day Farm, a Hunter Jumper Training Facility on Tumalo Road, Bend, Oregon, 20361.

Call Cat Crueger at 541-848-8519 to make an appointement with Allie and find out what a great horse she is. The Bon Bon Bon is as cute as possible and gets along well with humans, children, pets and other animals. She has a lipsattoo, which indicates that she was a racehorse at some point in her mornings.

She' s got a cute attitude, leading and supporting. There' s some sluggishness, but as a nice member of the whole familiy she would be great! Asti Casino " Casino is a full -blooded casino ("Asti Casino") and has a race track with the Jockey Club, but needs to be re-started. It cannot be a single horse; it must be accompanied by at least one other horse.

This cute, handsome thoroughbred filly was adopted in autumn 2017, but returned with her adoptive parents due to an unhappy age. Yes, we know "Hag Bag" is not the most complimentary thoroughbred entry, but as you can see, this filly is really a beaut! Nicknamed Dark Star now, this charming little gal is friendly and soft and would like to have a new home with you.

George is a full blooded horse who drove under the name "Smart Dart". The $525 Rose Adoption Fee is a registrated thoroughbred who rode in California under the name "Clonakilty Rose". This beautiful thoroughbred breeding needs someone who works consequently with her to get her to her full capacity. The $525 adoption feeSassy is a purebred broodmare who needs someone to adapt her and give her a home forever.

Adoption fee $275This beautiful thoroughbred mare loves to interact with humans. To help a saved horse, please consider a one-time donation or an on-going sponsorship of any amount.

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