Thoroughbred Horses for Sale uk

Purebred horses for sale in Great Britain

Purebred horses for sale - Page 1 French mare for sale aged 2h 7 years old in TB. To sell as overstocked and for sale from the fields. 14 year old 14hh old Brauner Weatherbys registrated Gelding. Rides from the pad and works in three beautiful steps at work. Recorded and precisely fitting microchip-controlled Weatherbys.

02hh 10 year old brauner Weatherbys registrated thoroughbred gelding, Ballymacahillcross.

The Weatherbys are fully recorded, microchiped and fit perfectly. All worms and vaccinations are state-of-the-art. Arisda, thoroughbred filly, 10 years old, ca. 16,1hhh. She' s signed in with a Weatherbys pass. Got a good big leap, was over 1. This is a perfectly designed pedigree and not the best of the movers, but just a classic ex-racer.

Really sorry sale for not having enough work. An unique equine in a lifetime, call for more information. The Craig is a pure bred off road race car that has never been used in motorsport. A beautiful filly with lots of great talent and temper. Granit is a really beautiful 16hhh 13 year old Weatherbys purebred granite snapped cat.

Recorded and precisely fitting microchip-controlled Weatherbys. The Brooke is a wonderful 16-hour 13-year-old horse aged chestnut-Weatherbys registrated thoroughbred gelding. Good for the whole family. Dear Wallach, who ran from point to point and hurdling race. Rides out of the pad and works in 3 steps in class, he walks well from your legs, but is not stupid or powerful.

Passport and microchiped and registers Weatherbys, stickiness and possible supply. 3hhh ascending 7-year-old continuous Weatherbys enrolled junky cheestnut wallach. I am sure that this big, strong gelding will continue and distinguish himself in every respect. Recorded and precisely fitting microchip-controlled Weatherbys. Rocky, thoroughbred Gelding, 16. 02hh bavarian, 03.04.2011 at the age of 7 years, cliffy Wetherbys is passable.

A civilian animal, this stallion strives to please in every way, with a lucky look into and out of the stables, making it a delight to be on the farm.

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