Thoroughbred Mare


Whole blood mares for breeding purposes. On this page you can promote TB broodmares and their prospects. Conformity clinic: Full blood mares - Competent consultation to the Pferdepflege and to the Reiten

My wish is for a mare to look like a mare; she should be beautiful and not look like a gelding. A mare should not look like a mule. It is a very attractive and balanced saddle that I like to see and has a female outfit. She has a very nice face and throat. Had her hair been strapped, she would have put her throat down nice, but you can still see that she has a nice throat.

It has a beautiful long back, which helps to maintain its general equilibrium. Usually, if a saddle is really just in the restraints, it will also be just in the back, leading to more concussions in the limbs and possibly health problems. It binds really well from her throat over her sores to her back.

As she stands, she looks a little higher in her hips than her ankles, but that could only be the picture. Her hips are beautiful, and her ankle joints are deep to the floor, which will help her with movement and gathering, and she has a beautiful caudal base - she will wear well.

While she might be able to attract a little more muscles and the perspiration in her throat might make it a little more graceful, overall I thought she was a really handsome mare. The mare shows beautiful qualities, but her offspring is not as beautiful as the first placed one. For me, she looks more like a gelding than a mare.

It' s not my cup of tea how she constricts from throat to withers - she's almost a little stuffy. In comparison to the first place she is a bit closer to the shoulders (although not as close as the third place), which can make her harder at the front. She is much more even-tempered than the third place stallion, with a really beautiful waist and ankle joints that are deep enough on the floor to get a good drive.

It is also somewhat longer in the back than the first-place-horse. The reason I put this stallion in third place is because it doesn't have the sense of equilibrium and finesse that I like to see in a Neckholder or competitive stallion. Their heads are not nearly as appealing as those of the first two broodmares; they are longer and rougher, and their necks are really rough.

She has a small throat and nestles against a flat shoulders, which makes her forehead appear heavier. He is a Rob Meneely ist ein kardierter Richter f├╝r die american Quarter Horse Association, amican Paint Horse Association (APHA), Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC), Pallomino Horse Breeders Association, National Reining Horse Association et die National Snaffle Bit Association.

He has judged the Paint Horses Congress, the APHA World Show and the APHA European Championships in Australia, France, Italy, Germany and Denmark. Earlier this report was published in the August 2006 edition of German magazine Horsse & Rider. Step into your stallion in the conformity clinic! In order to provide a photograph of your equine animal for evaluation in our conformation clinic, please provide us with a photograph of your equine animal from the outside (for photographs: high definition, 300 dots per inch, at least 3" x 5").

Ensure it is well maintained, looks ahead and stands on even floor - and try to prevent annoying background noise.

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