Thoroughbred Mares in Foal for Sale

Whole blood mares in foal form for sale

The mare has had a foal every year since we started breeding her three-year-old daughter. Aktive Zuchtstuten / For sale or for rent. Having over thirty years experience in the equine industry, we are proud to offer our outstanding track record in conception rates and unsurpassed quality of care. Firstly, the point that influences your decision to buy a mare is whether you want to sell her offspring or keep them and run yourself. (covering fee, sales commission and mare and foal pension and additional costs).

New Ohio Certified Thoroughbreds

SELLED - Nine 2016 Ohio Certified Young. SOLD - Brood mares in colts by Pappelbach sires. See the following table for further information. FOR FREE - An open broodmare, broodmare voice. Contains a free breed with one of our chosen sires. THE MARES WORKING 2018 OHIO CERTIFIED COLTS. This is a listing of the mares that are sold to our sires.

If you are interested in the OHIO THOROUGHBRED BREEDING....Here is a listing of the mares for sale that are currently at the Poplar Creek Horse Center in Bethel, Ohio. I' m currently reselling mares for Poplar Creek and their customers. There will be a short listing of our dropouts and our youngsters soon. Every time you buy a Poplar Creek horse, you get a contract for the Poplar Creek mares.

While the buyer retains title to the horse, you will receive an annual free incubation period for each horse held by Poplar Creek Horse Center. Our warranty ensures that you can raise your filly with some of the best Ohio sires for a recognised foal with no money to cover.

The Sun Valley Farm

Sun Valley is located on the former Brookside Estate and borders the major farming areas of Ashford/Coolmore, Laneâs End, Diamond A Farm, Darley/Gainsborough and Pin Oak Stud. The Sun Valley and Arrowfield divisions are delighted to have Scott Kendall, DVM, as a committed employee. Dr. Kendall is on the ranch every morning at 7 a.m. during the incubation period to maintain correct communications with the various farming communities and used to be the local vet at the famous Warner Jonesâ Hermitage Ranch.

Purchase of a brood mare

Therefore it is essential to make a well-founded choice when buying a filly. Finally there is nothing about rearing and rearing a foal and the way to the racing. Firstly, the point that influences your choice to buy a filly is whether you want to sell her progeny or keep them and run yourself.

It must have been a legit racehorse or be a nurse or half-sister to a competitor with significant events. Please keep in mind that the resulting foal of the broodmare falls down one step on the catalogue page. So if you need to go to the third mother or further to find your foal, you probably won't go to any of the chosen sells with your foal according to the family tree.

Of course the other part of the formula is the father of the foal. A better foal, i.e. breed records, family tree line, breeding money, etc.; the better the chances for a young horse that is ready for the market. A further possibility when purchasing a broodmare is to run her own filly.

If this is the case, you can select your mares, your studs and their respective bloodlines slightly differently. However, it is important to remember that if you are going to buy a descendant of this filly, or perhaps even the filly itself, she and her youngsters must have a commercially viable foal (see above).

Attempt to buy a young broodmare from a top-class dam line. Don't grow this fillies or this mares just because she is a woman! Some people have made an inefficient and fruitless error to raise a horse just because she is "practical" and not because she or her progeny really have the opportunity to be successful as a racehorse.

First thing to keep in mind is to buy the filly first. It' s great to have her carried by a good father, but after this foal has walked down the street, you are still alone with the filly. If she abortions this "promising foal" or it is conceived with less than promissing foundation, what happens?

Maybe you "paid" for a maximal breeding charge and have nothing but a low priced horse that you can show later. Is the age of the filly important? You know, most shoppers want a young filly, so they charge more. It is advantageous to buy mares that have only one or two foals - especially if they are produced by good colts - or mares that have their first foal.

On the one hand, the vendor really does not know whether the mare's offspring can walk or not, more than the purchaser. According to my own salesbarometer, if a filly does not have a significant running horse until the ages of 10, you are in a state of "limbo" with that filly.

By the time a filly turns 10 to 12 years old, it begins to write off clearly. Elder ly mares can be less expensive to sell, and you can sometimes get a good shot for your money; i.e. a better catalogue page, more established heirs. Attempt to find a little flawed filly that has the natural ability to give birth to a foal.

Elder mares sometimes show their ages, but if I seriously thought about purchasing one - as long as they look good - I would care more about their output and selling their offspring at auctions. Your foals' prices, especially in comparison to other offspring of the same father, will give you a fairly good impression of what they look like body.

What are you looking for, a filly? You can buy a filly private or at a sale in town. Keeneland's November sale is one of the main source of farm animals. One of the other sales that offers a broad palette of brood mares is the Keeneland January Sale, the October or January Ocala Breeder Sale, the October Barretts Place and of course the WTBOA Summer Year and the August Joint Sale.

If your new foal is dropped in Washington, that foal will become a foal born in Washington and will be entitled to receive breeder prizes in Washington if it earns in Emerald Downs, regardless of whether you still own the foal or even the filly at that time. Then you have the possibility to raise this beautiful young filly with a beautiful young horse of your own will.

No matter whether you are planning to become a grower, or just have a few pets walking in your own silk, the key to your successful farming operation is your commitment to excellence. When you have a specific item that someone wants, all the parts go in place and you will be able to see the pleasure and happiness that comes with being part of the whole blood farming world.

WTBOA Management Director and member of the Distribution Commitee for many years, Dana Halvorson has been active in thoroughbred distribution since 1981.

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