Thoroughbred Race Horses for Sale

Whole Blood Racehorses for sale

Forecasts, results and analyses for whole blood distribution. " Ditto" was our RRP makeover horse this year. ""Race fans can use the new app to buy stocks of top thoroughbreds. Looking for a racehorse from New York? All thoroughbred horses for sale, including racehorses, yearlings and broodmares, are now available on the Godolphin website.

Mystery of our success

No need to have a big money to buy a beautiful thoroughbred. Getting a good stallion is all about getting to know his history and know that he had good upkeep. You are always looking for good horses that are suitable for a second carreer. All we do is work with those we know and rely on to tell us the honest facts about our horses.

The veterinarian will confirm that the animal is as shown. I' m never gonna get it from someone who doesn't want you to go see the damn thing! The cost of these Thoroughbred is between $1500 and $5000, most of which are in the $2500 to $3500 area. To help you find a thoroughbred that meets your objectives and your money.

Those horses don't cost us anything to buy us food. It has no benefit if we sell you a non-presented animal because we will always help every animal we have ever been sell to find a new home if necessary - FREE OF CHARGE. It is our quest to help careful owner to find a good home and a second career for their thoroughbred when they are done with the race.... and to find good humans safely, healthy and solid thoroughbred at a sensible cost.

We' re here to help you find out which is the right choice for you. Bits & Bytes Farm website contains a lot of information to help the thoroughbred buyer take good charge of them: Feed of thoroughbred horses, training of thoroughbred horses and over 15 years of photographs of thoroughbred horses we sell.

Visit our website for more information about Bits & Bytes Farm and our quest to help Toroughbreds find a second career as a sports horse when her race is over. we' re not selling thoroughbred horses for racing....we find a home for ex-racing horses.

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