Thoroughbred Race Horses for Sale in Kentucky

Purebred racehorses for sale in Kentucky

What is perhaps less well known, however, is our commercial success and the number of the best race horses we have sold at public auction. Breeding mare, stallion, horses of racing age, season or share. The Keeneland September Yearling Sale in Lexington, KY. The pursuit of excellence is the basis for everything we do, from the planning of pairings and the rearing of young animals to training and horse racing at the highest level. After healing and (re-)training, these wonderful horses are available to become someone's best friend and partner.


"With our horses and our customers we are right. Since our first thoroughbred through the Ring in 1999, we have shipped over $150 million in horses in blood, and these horses have taken their owner on a fast-paced trip to become some of the most famous and wealthy brands in motorsport. We' re always among the top sellers at all large annual and farm animal auction venues in the United States, and by 2013 alone we have more than any other auctioneer in the nation selling more than 800,000 broodmares.

Bluewater's Meg Levy and his whole Bluewater crew have a uniquely diverse mix of first-rate equestrian skills and a deep appreciation of the stock world. You will be able to attract customers' interest in the shop floor and achieve great results at the same in-store. FASHION ALERT and MAJESTIC RIVER by Bluewater have become victors with graduated stalks and precious mare perspectives.

When you succeed with someone, you go back for more, and I will keep returning to Bluewater. Wherever the levels stand out is in their relations with their clientele. Although they cannot turn an unattractive stallion into a bestseller, it is possible to create a customer convenience area to attract people.

New power in thoroughbred sales

Paramount has been selling many sales top sellers since its founding in 2001 and has on avarage been in almost every sale in which it has transported horses to or near the top of every sale. Our graduates' highlight, who win relay racing! The Kentucky Derby is won by Nyquist! Nyquist is a alumnus of the Keeneland November Sale 2013 and Brody's Cause, which was on sale at the Keenelend September 2014 sale.

Also Nyquist was appointed Eclipse Biennial Male Champions.

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund - KTDF

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund is a one-off programme that benefits the owner and their Kentucky-born Kentucky-born Kentuckyers. The goal is to improve the overall qualitiy of motorsport in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It' is an encouragement programme designed to motivate Kentucky farmers to buy from Kentucky stores, pair and raise broodmares on Kentucky farm, pair them with Kentucky studs and then run the Kentucky products over Kentucky routes.

the Kentucky Racing Commission. So what's the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund's cash used for? Threefarters of 1% of all funds used on Kentucky Thoroughbred Race Courses will be paid into the Thoroughbred Development Fund and 2% of all funds used on Thoroughbred Race Courses via Inter-Track Wagnering (ITW), as well as whole map simulators.

Which kind of race have wallets that are complemented by the fund? Pursuant to law, the fund assets are available for use, disability, bonus, non-claiming virgin race and eligible claimant race for a claimed prize of not less than twenty-five thousand U.S. dollar ($25,000) in Kentucky. What is the distribution of the Fund's grants?

Kentucky varieties which have been bred in Kentucky shall be entitled to participate in the amendments to the Exchange. ┬┐Who profits from fund assets? This fund was established by Kentucky farmers to help race car drivers in the hopes of motivating them to buy more Kentucky-footed horses, ride Kentucky racetracks and do more Kentucky catering and stallion shops.

Immediate effect of wallet additions is that anyone associated with a horses that gains or gathers a portion of wallet earnings, i.e. the owners, trainers and jockeys. Are Kentucky horses with Kentucky food limited to participation in qualifying competitions? Kentucky-bred horses have to make a living in open society.

What is the reason why a Kentucky breed has to be both Kentucky and Kentucky? First, to prevent a "double dip", i.e. a foreign grower could theoretically have sent his filly to Kentucky to be raised with a Kentucky stud, then, after she became pregnant, he would bring her back to his home state to produce. It would thus be considered for two state fund programmes, Kentucky's and its own states.

Secondly, by demanding that a cow be fed in Kentucky, it is increasing the shop for companies that specialise in the breeding of broodmares. What can be done to get a saddle to make a living from the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund? The Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders is the accredited Registry. The application can be made if the stallion is a $60 colt, a $75 junior or a $350 racer, but it must be submitted before participating in a race.

The Fund will, as a courtesy to riders, be present on each course with a passport for horses, which will receive requests for registrations on the course. Which requirements have to be met to be registrated in Kentucky by thoroughbred owners and breeders? Provided a stud farm is applied for by 1 March each year, all progeny designed by the stud farm during this incubation period can be applied for.

As soon as these progeny are recorded, their income is added to the stallion's records. Which are the probable exemptions from the time limit for registering stallions? If a race-horse is injured and comes to the stables after 1 March, the civil registrar has the right to register the horses as stallions before using his first filly.

From where do owner and coach know what breeds have put money into their wallets through the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund? Development Fund seals such occurrences in pile logs, fitness logs, and race programmes. The horses that have been entered for the Fund will be marked accordingly in the Kentucky sale catalogue.

Is the Fund's contribution applicable to the overall income records of owners, trainers, jockeys and horses? If a fund race is formal, the race summary sent to the Daily Racing Formula for release will contain the overall wallet plus fund currency distributed to each individual equine and the horse's links.

This diagram also shows the amount of cash, if any, returned to the funds. Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeders' Incentive Funds was formed in 2005 and comprises 80 per cent of all proceeds from the sale and withholding taxes on the licence fee payable to a Kentucky stud for the stud of a Kentucky Stud Bred Horse Studs, with all other funds made available, assigned or assigned to the Funds from all other resources.

Registration of your offspring with the Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeders' Incentive Fund enables the Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeders' Incentive Fund to give money prizes to growers in racing around the globe and in the U.S. Since the program's launch, the KBIF has given over $97 million to growers to help them find suitable racing opportunities.

Race qualifying for KBIF awards:

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