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National network for adoptible thoroughbreds. The screening of potential OTTB offers a need for rescue organizations. It is the largest horse sanctuary in the world dedicated to the rescue, retirement and retraining of Thoroughbreds. Retired thoroughbred racehorses are supported in their safe placement in new homes. Another kind of thoroughbred organization.


Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue (SCTR) was established in 2008 and is a non-profit, licensed and industry-accredited 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to saving thoroughbred racebred and reared race horse from sacrifice, negligence and mistreatment. Most of the thoroughbreds we save are in a bad and depressive state, which requires comprehensive preadoption rehab.

Our work in the rehab, retraining and resettlement of our saved thoroughbreds is based on the belief that all of them - whether they have ever ridden, whether they have been competitive or not, whether they have been prosperous or not, whether they have been in the pen or not, and in whatever state we have saved them - are still winners.

Throughout the history of SCTR, we have helped with the auctioning of thousands of thoroughbreds, either by bringing them to SCTR or by facilitating their rescue through other charitable or nonprofit organizations. Contribute now to help the life-saving work of Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue! in 2014 to help this vigorous, sporty horse with great driving ability.

Our attention was drawn to the hopeless condition of the six-year-old former racehorse Magic Route by a lady who had reacted to an advertisement "horse for sale" - and found this hungry young thoroughbred gelding. It was a very good idea for her to be able to sell this youngster. The next morning the magic was passed from Tierdienst to SCTR. Magic's SCTR rehab lasted less than four moths, during which period he was switched from this saddle to this horse: four moths later.

The Irish Katie, a former tough tapping racing horse and brood mare, was found at a low-end sale in August 2009, thin and with eyelashes all over. Though SCTR was unable to save her, later contributions allowed us to collect her from the abattoir purchaser who bought her at the auctions.

That was Katie on the date she was rescued: and that is Katie the following summer: Could you help them still be champions? There are several ways to help the life-saving and life-changing work of the Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue, as How You Can Help states.

So if you would like to make a targeted donation to help rescue another stallion from a life-threatening condition, please make a donation to our Still Winners Foundation here: until September to this viable, living filly. She has been undergoing retraining for month from scratch and is available for use.

The six-year-old former race horse Cascade Mountain was saved for $110 at an March 2009 sale to stop him from leaving the state for butchery. It' s noteworthy how intuitive at low-end lottery auctions horse bidders know that they were left effective to the unknowns. But within three month he became a young, self-assured gemstone with good eating, loving care and shelter.

Red, the next morning we saved him: and only a few month later:

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