Thoroughbred Retired Race Horses Sale

Retired thoroughbred racehorses for sale

Winning new professions help a horse daily allowance for the veterinary care of retired racehorses. The picture can contain: one or more persons, horse, sky and outdoor area. Gold standard in the THOROUGHBRED RESCHOOLING Adopt A Horse.

Full Blood Old-Age ProvisionStiftung für Vollblut-AltersvorsorgeStiftung für Vollblut-Altersvorsorge

Throroughbred Foundation is the world's biggest horse reserve dedicated to rescuing, retiring and re-educating thoroughbred horses that are no longer competitive on the track. The Rotary Foundation's Second Chances Program provides prisoners in prisons with viable life-changing capabilities. rescuing thoroughbred race horses that can no longer run.

Save horses, save deaths. Learn more about our TRF Second Chances Program. You want a loving steed, but you don't have a farmyard? This is the ideal present for a lover of horses. Visit the TRF stand in the breeding gazebo and welcome our employees, voluntary workers and horses.

South Florida TRAC

The Florida Thoroughbred Retirement and Adoptive Care, a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation, aims to offer retired race horses both a sensible second carreer and an outstanding standard of living. Our aim is to redeem whole blooded animals by offering each and every one of them the chance to receive expert support and education. Strictly screened, each thoroughbred is compared to affectionate adoptive parents with the aim of offering a new chance and destination for a second carreer in the show business, on field trips, horse therapy or just as a caring mate.

Famous for her athletics, her hearts and her wish to please.

Headquartered in picturesque Spencer, New York, we are an all-volunteer organisation whose bloodlines come both directly from the trail and through locally advertised endangeredales. In our facilities our horses are evaluated and left in peace before they begin a proper re-education programme to help them get ready for a new professional life. Driven by the horses' needs, our coaching approach helps horses acquire a level of fitness in which they are willing and able to stand out on the basis of both body and mind strength and ability.

Thoroughbred horses begin their workout by relearning how to be more even at walking, trotting and galloping and how to have gentler transition between gears. Several of our thoroughbred horses are taught sticks and crossbars, and finally jump on small squares and take part in events locally. Several of our horses become safer on the level and in the horse show and others acquire the special features of trails.

The horses have proven themselves in many different events such as hunting, jumping, versatility, training, barrel races, fun, trails and as accompanying horses. Our thoroughbred horses are adopted without a race/auction/breeding agreement and are in our custody for at least 30 working days before they are approved for adopting.

Horses are kept informed about shooting, worms, hoof treatment, dental treatment and health before they leave our facilities. In addition, we cultivate an actively involved societal image and link up regular networks of thoroughbred horses who have to live in our region. Throughout the year we provide equestrian instruction for kids and grown-ups and a programme of activities for horse-loving kids who want to find out more about equestrian sports and equestrian sports with a special focus on purebred follow-up.

Classes include equestrianism, show jump and training in British styles, beginning with the fundamentals - care, tackle and horseback training. The biggest fund-raising of the year are our horseshows, the Thoroughbred Anniversary Benefiz Horseshow and the Birchtown Stable Birchtown Festival on October 13, 2018. It was our 6th thoroughbred jubilee and the hotest in our history!

Thanks to all our exhibiting horses, there were 40 horses present and we collected more than 3.500 dollars for the maintenance of our sires. We' d like to thank all our patrons, the New York Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund, the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program, Veda, Robyn, Kelly and Elizabeth; all the people without whom we couldn't do the show.

Developed to fight overbreeding and gardening in our area, the Social Club's rolling program is called after the Social Club, the first gelding in our school. Do you have any question or would you like to know more about Whole Blood retired, follow-up, retraining or voluntary service, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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