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Purebred stallion for sale

Find a thoroughbred stallion for sale. Whilst the sale of WinStar horses in public auctions has repeatedly achieved top results, this is not the only result of our successful breeding programme. Purebred stallion motorcycles for sale The thoroughbred stallion began leaving his traces in the competitive sport world in 2006 and is now back to regain his terraces...

.. The thoroughbred stallion began leaving his traces in the competitive sport world in 2006 and is now back to regain his Terra.... 2008 Tryke thoroughbred stallion. SERIES REQUESTS ONLY The price include tryke and 2 followers (train behind the drawbar and all aluminium drawbar followers for pulling stallion colour is Mitternacht schwarz and is full length.....

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Pleasant Acres Farm is situated just outside Ocala, Fl, Pleasant Acres Farm and is a wonderful 400 acre estate belonging to Joseph and Helen Barbazon. Our award-winning plant, situated between luxuriant pastures and stately living oak trees, was voted third in the country by top growers in 2009. Our fully serviced full stud farm, founded in 1983, accommodates multi-mares, yearlings and weaning stables as well as a 10-hour, state-of-the-art stallion stable from 2016.

Providing first rate service to our customers by covering all aspects of the whole blood business, comprising stud farming, mares maintenance, annual and weaning maintenance and commercial agency. On the Pleasant Acres Farm our stallions come first. We were home die Heimat der Florida Broodmare of the Year 2009, 2008 und 2009 Florida Turf Champion of the Year, Multiple Graded Stakes Winners und des 2009 Florida Horse of the Year, President of the Passion, Florida Horsse, Year.

Florida Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners' Association named our ranch Florida Breeder of the Year 2009 and also received the Needles Award for Outstanding Small Breeder 2008. Our new stallion department, founded in 2014, is dedicated to bringing Florida stud and motorsport to the top of our game.

We strive to bring some of the most coveted lines of blood into the state to give Florida broodmares the opportunity to be bred with first class horses with demonstrated success. With our uniquely practical stallion recruiting, stallion raising and stallion maintenance policy, our owner is able to work in close collaboration with our people. Helen and Joseph are active in all areas of our business - from feeding and rearing to foals.

Your dedication to excellence is what allows Pleasant Acres Farms to continue our dedication to champion-raising. Pleasant Acres Farms has a world-class feeding programme that assures that the best possible grooming is given to the broodmares before, during and after the foal. The 400 hectare Pleasant Acres ranch is the ideal place to climb your future filly.

More than 30 years of pedigree expertise have enabled us to select our horses from premium blood lines that offer some of the best genealogical trees in the country at the best price. Pleasant Acres Farm is dedicated to representing the weaners, brood mares or young horses of our customers with our many years of expertise and our huge networks of contacts within the thoroughbred industries with their highest potentials.

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