Thoroughbreds for Sale in Kentucky

Purebred for sale in Kentucky

The CANTER Kentucky offers retired thoroughbred racehorses the opportunity for a new career. Work with a company you can trust. American thoroughbreds are bred throughout the Northeast of the United States. Enjoy the gentle hills of bluegrass on one of Kentucky's most famous and famous thoroughbred farms.

MAN Kentucky - MAN Kentucky offers retired purebred race horses the opportunity for a new career.

To Churchill Downs, Keeneland, Turfway Park, Victory Haven, The Thoroughbred Training Center in Lexington and all the others who have made Kanter Ky such a great achievement since we founded Kanter Ky in November 2009. Many thanks, Turfway Park and the TAP programme for your generosity towards your contribution to the CANTER KY.

Many thanks to "Elizabeth C Thomas Fund" for your generosity to CANTER KY. Many thanks to the staff of River City Distributions for their generosity contribution to Canter KY. Many thanks, Erica Spradling, for the nice pictures of our KYANTER KY cats which are available for adoptions.

Purebred horses for sale in Kentucky

Fill out the buyers request form: https: //www. by....

Fill out the buyer enquiry request sheet: https: //www. Fill out the request for buyer request please: https: //www. A 6 -year-old thoroughbred - ideal projekt! I' ve got a 6-year-old, unridden, thoroughbred gelding for sale. From Brave Victory, Hang On Helen is an elegantly 2014, massively darkbrown thoroughbred from Halfkarat... 6 years old.

Bombsafe, very gifted Otto for sale. The Devil Monkey is a 6-year-old Otto. Lexington, Ky, 2h dttb with seat in Lexington, Ky.

Recently arrived - Gran Duque (Barn name Des)

Des, who has 16 handed and is still organic, has a premium American thoroughbred family tree on his father side, with heavier irish and british blood on the mother side. This is a ripe and very good-natured prospective customer who can go in any way. It has a beautiful, friendly eyes, brief, paired with a large shoulders and magnificent toes.

Totally loving temper with zero tensioners. He is a great caregiver, a good clipper, a good ear grater, a good blacksmith and an outstanding traveller on the sticks. This is a potential client for a pro or seasoned professional and would be a great complement in any shed. Stand 17 and grow (probably a maximum of 17.1 hands).

Completely breathtaking and a pleasure to work with a distinctive refinement and a beautiful spirit that is calm, prudent and knowledgeable. Concrete perspective for a serious or serious pro. No weak spot on him with neat and narrow limbs and outstanding heels. This is a fantastic chance to evolve and thrive and excel both in your physical condition and your work.

2011, 17.3 hand, conceived by Fort Prado, withdrew from motorsport in September 2014, won beginner and won training level participant who is currently training Preliminary. Beautiful big movers who was able to ride in direct training and be very aggressive.

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