Thumbelina Horse for Sale

Tom Thumbelina horse for sale

Däumeline is a miniature dwarf horse and the smallest horse in the world. The Goose Creek Farms is also home to Thumbelina, the smallest horse in the world. A miniature horse for sale from a miniature horse breeder and farm, Bear Valley Miniature Horses, in Lake City, MN (us); owned by Betty Budensiek. This is Big Jake and Thumbelina: Increasing children and training young horses takes too much time and deserves more attention and a showroom.

THUMBELINA: Mini X Shetland 10hhh 10YO Check Mares - Miniature Ponies

Dude: THUMBELINA: Mini X Shetland 10hhhh 10YO Check mare: Thumbie has been with us for 3 years and we have purchased her as our daughter's leading pen. She has been playing at home during her stay with us, participated in a few fringe rallying clubs and recently spends some quality coaching to prepare her for her next home.

It is for sale because my girl and Thumbie didn't click under the seat and she has now pulled on a new one. Däumeline would be a great enrichment for a horse-loving team.

Join Thumbelina, the smallest horse in the canyon.

She is only 17 inch high and will never become a show jumping champ. As a rule, these much-loved show ponies weight about 250 pounds and at 34 inch when fully-fledged. When Thumbelina was reborn, however, it was immediately clear that she would never become so high.

Däumelina's exceptional height is due to her dwarf growth, which makes her a thumbnail of a thumb. However, despite this huge height gap, it is the spirited Thumbelina who reigns over the studs and racing ponies on her 150-hectare acres. When she was borne, she was so small that we didn't think she would make it," said Michael Goessling, whose parent Kay and Paul raised the minature cats.

With a size of only 17 inch (four hands) the filly is measuring up to the shinbones of the "normal" ponies in the drivers' area. Goessling's have been breeding minature ponies at Goessling's Goose Creek Farm in St. Louis for 15 years, and most of them are at 34 inch at the wither - the crest between the two herringbones.

My mum and dad raised several hundred tiny ponies, but we never had one as small as Thumbelina," said Mr. Goessling. When she was young, she found the doghouse and chose to sleep with the hounds instead of larger herds. Thumbelina survived with a bowl of cereal and a fistful of straw, twice daily serving.

Ordinary ponies are about 35 years old, but because of their height they will only be able to survive until they are 17 years old. And although we like Thumbelina, we don't think it's right for the horse's dwarf growth to be passed on to the next generation.

It is too valuable for us to sell," he added. I think my folks would dump me before they split up with Thumbelina.

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