Tiny Miniature Horses

Miniature Horses

The Shady Oaks Miniature Horse Farm specializes in very small, tiny miniature horses. Bond Tiny Tim was the smallest miniature horse stallion in America according to the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA). "'Like a tiny dog on your lap." denise oliveri is with tiny town miniature horses. smithy UF expands hoof to miniature horse Buttercup.

Small miniature horses for a big tomorrow

You say the best things come in small packets, and in the case of this enchanting miniature animal, that can only be truth. The miniature horses can actually take part in many different kinds of activity. It can be shown in the palm, can be used to tow a carriage and can even be used as a companion for bigger horses.

However, this horse's way will be a little different. The name Itty Bitty Hospital is apt - at her birthday she set the fastest time for the smallest mare ever conceived according to size and body mass. A miniature animal, the size of her race, is particularly small. She is enchanting and kind and is used every day to make sure she feels good with you.

Hope's owner are planning to make her part of Mini Hooves of Love, a miniature horses treatment series. Watch the videotape and see how little Hope really is. More and more, equestrian treatment is becoming a highly regarded and appreciated form of treatment. Therapeutical horseback rides are one of the most common therapies for horses.

Therapeutical horseback rides can help physically disabled persons, while the act of working and developing a relation with a person with intellectual or development-related handicaps can help. There is a problem: not everyone has easy entry to a barn to take full benefit of the advantages of therapeutic cycling. This is where portable treatment programmes for horses, such as Mini Hooves of Love, come into play.

The miniature horses can go where large horses cannot go, which means that they have easy entry to clinics, colleges, nursing facilities and other areas where patients can profit from it. Minis can also be less overpowering than their bigger pendants, which can help patients unwind and feel more at ease during work.

It may be small, but it will help innumerable men in their futures.

Lil' Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm

Visit the miniature horses at Henry & Linda Stoltzfus' American Ranch, just outside of Strasbourg. The miniature horses are soft, kind and wait to be stroked. We have 10 stables with miniature horses for you.

Heny designed the stands so that everyone has a big opening in the doors. There is plenty of space in the stables to stroke the horses and have them photographed. You can also enjoy riding in saddles and carts with our miniature cars. Young kids will enjoy this possibility to horseback riding behind one of our miniature horses.

You can also see Henry and Linda's crew of horses and their buggies in the shed. The visit to the stable is free of cost. A small surcharge is charged for the trips. Open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm (closed on Sundays).

To ensure a practical training in which you really interoperate with our horses, we are offering you a one-hour training on our team. Feed - Horses always appreciate the meals! Carriage drives - Their soft manner calms every fearful moment. Semitrailer trips - Weight limits are applicable. You have the possibility to attach the horses to the carriage.

The workshops are from 12:00 to 1:00 and from 4:00 to 5:00 from Monday to Saturday by arrangement only. Beside our stable is our wood working place, where Henry and his son often build bird houses, small pieces of furnitures, photo frameworks and other handmade wares. At our Lil' Country Store you can see many of the handicraft produce we make here on the estate.

You will also see a wide range of handcrafted objects made by our large families and others in our friendly and friendly amishmaniasis. We are open from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed on Sunday and public holidays).

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