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Here is a list of mistakes beginners make when buying their first horse. In antiquity, few could afford the luxury of a horse. So, those of you who have good, amazingly safe, healthy horses, where did you find them?! Would you like to help our rescued horses by sending them a gift?

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Hoorse Quest UK - Horses for purchase

We are the only place to buy and sale horses with over 450.00 visitors per month and 2 million page impressions. You can make the most of what HorseQuest has to offer while you are here: "I' ve now purchased a HorseQuest through an ad on HorseQuest and will end the e-mail notifications I've received, but I just wanted to say thank you!

Horse and pony for sales

You want to buy a steed, great! However, before you begin to look at ads for horses for sale, there are a few things to consider..... The prices of horses can differ considerably according to model. Attempt to have every mare you are interested in examined to ensure that she is lucky and well.

Two-step examination costs about 75 pounds to verify their fundamental heath. The more thorough five-step exam can be about £250. When you take back a stallion from us, they will be immunized against rabies, with passport and microchip, and they will have their legs and teeths examined. You will also get an overview of everything that has occurred to you during treatment, complete with behavioral evaluations.

If you are planning to rehabilitate a saddle or buy a saddle, stirrup, bridle, halter, rein, bit, harness, martingale and breastplate. It is not the only thing to consider when you consider the purchase prices of a single animal, especially when you consider that horses can survive for 30 years.

It is also advisable to take out business indemnity insurances. Precise times vary depending on many different conditions and horses that need correction boots can be more costly. Buy a steed? Equestrians need to be cared for on a day-to-day basis. Wherever you decide on a Livree, it is important that your horses have the companionship of other horses.

Once a stallion has reached the end of his normal working career or is no longer rideable, you must also think about or have a pensioner. Are you still looking for horses for purchase? When you are lucky that you can feed a stallion with everything he needs, why not consider rehabilitating one of our horses?

Today, find a stable that needs a caring home near you.

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