Toddler Horse Helmet

Infant Horse Helmet

ASTM-SEI-certified helmet is suitable for the little man. When the legislator thought about the law, two other children were injured in accidents with horses. The underuse of the helmet by kids at riding shows is associated with a higher level of trauma to the brains. - PubMeds

OBJECTIVE: There is still a limit to people' s consciousness of injuries associated with horses. Surveys assessing infants after an injured horse have reported underutilization of protective gear and an operating interventional rate of up to 33%. METHODS: We assume that the use of the helmet during riding is underused and the absence of use is associated with severe injuries to the brains. Inquiries were made into the traumatology data base of a paediatric traumatology centre of stage 1 for all cases of horse and rodent injuries from 2005 to 2015.

RESULTS: Of 312 designated infants, 142 were tested for the use of a helmet. The use of a helmet was only recorded by 28 or 19.7% of the population. The majority of lesions happened when horseback rides (83%) or bulls (13%), with trauma to the brains the most frequent (51%). The helmet use was associated with reduced ISS (7.1 vs. 11.3, p

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