Top English Saddle Brands

English top saddle brands

Find out about our extensive range of English horses from brands you trust, at prices to suit your budget and level. British saddle accessories & fittings. To browse through the English saddles on our Maker site, use the links below.

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The saddle of the popular France saddle manufacturer can be made to suit the needs of horses and riders, with different belt orientations, ingenious plate forms without bruises, larger kneeblocks and an air bag on the handle. Part of the UK's most exquisite Vinici line, this saddle has a single/mono lobe pattern with a slender, one-piece boom.

This saddle is available in different widths in 16 - 19 in Havana, Oxyblood, brown in different colours. Classique is a traditionally flaked saddle with a one-of-a-kind boom and panels system. WOW boom with side bending means that the boom rotates from side to side as the horses move to allow free mobility.

Its senseless panelling system provides a larger contact area. Available in 16 " - 18" size in either blue or blue. Made in Walsall in English cowhide, this saddle has integral knees and femoral pads to help provide riders with the best possible stability, while the belt system for the mono-flap saddle allows the saddle to be adapted to a broad variety of riders.

This saddle is available in size 16. 5- 18" in three different breadths in either grey or blue. The saddle has a low, comfortable fit and an enhanced contact area for the saddle with a broader fall plate that provides additional stability. This saddle is available in size 16 - 18.5?

The saddle is mounted on a wood feather pole and has individual hand-made parts which can be adjusted and exchanged for each individual saddle. This saddle is available in a range of kneecaps in either red or red mulberry, red mulberry or red mulberry. The front door and mono door are also available.

The saddle is completely handcrafted from a different type of vaporized timber. Its bow is strengthened with high-grade steal and the swirl with a specific aluminum alloys to increase versatility and play. The saddle has an open top and a front spandrel in the board, which is suited for a medium-high withers.

Its broad supporting structure is suitable for a broad spectrum of equestrian applications. This saddle is available in 17 - 18" in Havanna color darker. Suitable for versatility riders, this saddle has a low, slim fit that allows the saddle to be seated instead of sitting on the saddle, and the forward slit allows a multitude of legrests that allow the driver to move forward.

It is equipped with an integrated system of pneumatic panels that distribute the load evenly along the whole length of the saddle, and the Easy-Change Gullet system allows the saddle to be adjusted on site.

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