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And our envious expertise (with over 1,000 horses shipped worldwide) - combined with a great layout - makes us an important target for serious shoppers. Prices rise with your workout - rightfully beautiful horses! Levels: He quickly qualifies for the Fair Hill Championship and has recently risen to beginner levels with flying colors and has (again!) achieved his grade in show jumping - Oscar has an incredible temper and is a stable favorite!

Ermintrude is an outstanding competitor - we are sure that she will become a highly competetive Oberstufenpferd. He has ended the winter seasons on training levels sovereign. We are very pleased that Bene has been purchased by Elmira's Jenn Treacy - Daisy will help them in the future, too, as we are sure that there will be a long and prosperous versatility carrier!

Bene ("Benny") really has an extraordinary temper - he is very relaxed! Last autumn we chased Bene with the German Hunting Association (GVH), where he was an absolute professional. And Bene has reached a sound shape at novice levels this season - he is now eligible for training. Bene will really get along with an entertainer - he is the allrounder!

Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Dazzle is going to make a young horseman / horseman very lucky! Love his own man named Frank and will put a big grin on your face every single day you try to get him to come on horseback. Levels: Sold Sold Sold Jonny' came to us after he had been purchased from Fernhill and manufactured in Ireland by an Irishateur.

It is certain that it will make a fantastical yeR-dog, because it is extraordinarily real and forgive. Latest veterinary inspection inclusive X-ray - he is very healthy and prepared to give his new driver many more years of pleasure! Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels: Levels:

Levels: Levels: Levels: Intermediate Event - graduated Gatcombe CIC***W, Bramham CIC***, Blair CIC*** and Blenheim CCI*** with Daisy. Since he was selling as a 4* qualifier, Pau and Lumuhlen CCI****** have finished with his new equestrian. Levels:'Ricky' had a great shape as a young stallion with many points in intermediate school.

In a CCI* he placed as a 6-year-old and a CCI** as a 7-year-old (ridden and bred by Daisy), whereupon he was resold to Christine Duke, Indiana - USA. Levels: Daisy made Blue Moonshine in the UK to 2* range and competing before selling it to a young horseman.

Recently he was placed in the top 10 of the GB (CCI**) domestic under 21s. He' s a handsome agile and gentle Springer. Levels: 7 4 Seven Seven was moved into in Ireland - he took part in the young horses championship at the age of 7 in Le Lion. It evolved into Advanced and 3* with Daisy and completed Burnham Market CIC***, Gatcombe CIC***W and Bramham CCI***.

Since then he has been selling as a mayor. Levels: Herr Bär was purchased and marketed in the name of Madonna. It won Novice, was placed CCI* and then resold the USA from Our UK Base and was entered by Daisy in the UK. Levels: He is a top class horse that we have organized up to the novice stage.

Sells to the USA as a showjumping horse. Levels: Mr Prosper came to us as a 4-year-old - he placed in the 4-year old events competitions and kept on impressing us as a 5-year-old. Sells to the USA as a showjumping horse. Levels: Levels: Levels:

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