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Subcontractor for horse nutrition, horse supplements, horse feed, feed balancers, probiotics, alfalfa feed and feed balancers. The WIN TopSpec Comprehensive feed balancer mit diesem diesem tollen Wettbewerb von Horse of the Year Show #CreatedWithoutCompromise for when #ConditionMatters. Equine feed and balancing machines | Horse supplements and supplements

This is David Dixon, Stanley Grange Stud. Chopo Chey, rode by Michael Duffy. Nereo, winner of the 2017 Badminton Horse Trials, rode by Andrew Nicholson and in the possession of Deborah Sellar, rode on Ynyslas Strand near Aberystwyth, rode and in the possession of Eiry Bonner. The Director of Animal Nutrition, Anna Welch BVSc MRCVS, informs about founder hooves incl. symptoms of founder, possible causes and managment.

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The product portfolio has solved many of our issues and the latest additions to our product line have been extremely well received. Many years I shaken my mind with sadness when I was asked to offer a feeding formula for a horse that suffers from stomach mucous membrane degradation because I felt that too little sugars and starches or short-acting antacids were probably not efficient enough.

TopSpec is committed to excellence in diet, so we ensure that you can create without compromise. They can be sure that none of our product will ever be compromise.

Fodder for horses - Top Spec

The Top Spec Stud Balancer was developed for brood mares, young horses and studs..... HighChop Alfalfa is a high temp dry UK alfalfa blend with the addition of genuine spearmint, which improves taste and offers additional digestion advantages..... The TopSpec TopChop Zero is made from UK oat straw with a delicious taste of apples and spearmint for added flavor.....

The TopSpec Turbo Flakes offer the horse a quick releasing resource in a cutting-edge cereal mix that has 35% more indigestible power per kg than top-grain.... TopChop Grass is a mix of specifically chosen, dry, British grass.... It' great for pony and horse owners who need a smooth, very tasty cutlet, great for picky handlers, include competitive fitters and oldersters.

Bespoke Horse Mix TopSpec 14% is a simple but nevertheless efficient horse feed for easy to moderate work in the horse sector. The TopSpec High Fruit Mix is a fibre-rich, grain-free and non-heatable must that is ideally suited for a good cause. The TopSpec Racehorse Cubes are a high performance oat cubes that can be filled with a suitable balanceer, e.g. TopSpec Racing feed balance.

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