Total Equine Horse Feed Dealers

Equine Horse Feed Dealers

Please call us if you do not have a dealer in the Kansas or Missouri region. It works because it has an extremely high absorption rate! Dr. R. Harry Anderson's 42 years of expertise in the formulation of pet food rationing and his never-ending quest for the best ingredient have gone into every one of our recipes.

Dr. R. Harry Anderson's 42 years of expertise in the formulation of pet food rationing and his never-ending quest for the best ingredient have gone into every one of our recipes. Since our first Total EquineĀ® in 2000 to our newer special recipes, the emphasis has always been on optimal nutritional well-being and efficiency.

All of our feedersĀ are produced with a unrivalled set of items you won't find anywhere else. The best feed is produced and delivered to you, the client, as cost-effectively as possible. For the past three years, our aim has been to find the best nutritional and nutritional components to improve the overall condition and efficiency of every pet at every age.

Overall Plus

A multi-vitamin / minerals package developed with our own formulation to give your organism all the help it needs to reach its full capacity. Taking it safely, effectively and easily can help to enhance your day-to-day routines regardless of your activities. Dine properly, train, and take Total People Plus?!

Important mineral salts such as calium, magnesia and kalium are needed by the human organism for many purposes such as bones growing and maintaining, regular nervous transfer, vascular dilatation, muscular contractions and much more. Mg alone has more than 300 bodily function. The Total People website Plus contains high availability formulations of these mineral salts.

The Total People Plus contains only chromated shapes of chelating and chelating metals such as brass, nickel, copper, nickel and more. The bio-availability of these crucial mineral elements is therefore maximized. It is needed for many co-enzymes in the human organism, power generation, creation of colagen and elastine and production as well as for dopamin and serotonine. Mn is used as a catalyser for enzymatic activities, muscle tissue development, cell division, cell regeneration, cell regeneration, cell regeneration and cell regeneration.

It has many functions in the human organism and is responsible for antioxidative activities and muscular renewal and preservation. The iodine is important for regular activities of the thyroids in the human organism. Iodine in Total People Plus is a naturally occurring type of Ascophyllum Niodosum (kelp) and is readily available. Whole B-complex vitamin for which a need is known.

Generally, B-complex diamonds are a catylist for energizing responses in the organism and as anti-oxidants. Thiamin and choline are important for regular neural activities in muscle and brains. It also contains these nutrients, which are sufficient for proper functioning of the nerves. Vitamin A is needed by the organism for various uses.

These are contained in Total People Plus in shapes that are largely bio-available. Frucoidan in Total People Plus is from Ascophyllum Nasdosum. Fucose sugars are present in nervous syapses in the human organism and are part of the regular nervous transfer path. Total People Plus contains two sulphurous aminos, lysine and methionine.

It is an important component of the food as it is not produced by the human organism. Several of the more important bodily function of lizine are that it is crucial for osseous and bony ingrowth, helps in the uptake of calcification, supports muscular ingrowth and enhances vascular and dermal health through the generation of enzymes and hormones and is important for the enzymatic and hormonal produc-tion.

Helps break down lipids in your veins, is an anti-oxidant, helps produce power and is an important nutritive for your muscles. Use 1 capsulin per 25 lb. fat-free bodily mass, but not more than 6 caplets per days.

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