Toy Horse Saddle

Horse Toy Saddle

Toy American Character Toy Grey Horse Vintage Bonanza Horse & ; Saddle. Nice brown rooted hair mane & tail toy horse with saddle! Doing a rocking horse saddle.

Every horse lover would appreciate this miniature western saddle for horses. The miniature toy horse from Breyer is realistically shaped and hand-painted.

Toys saddle

The Saddle vinyl toy is easily seen, secure and a persuasive option to pamper yourself with some of your favourite classics. This saddle-mintage toy's fame and story will help those who collect mementos. Save more by looking for new or lightly used Saddle vinyl toy. Check out the large stock of gadgets and hobby items, old and old cowboys and westerns!

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It comes with a saddle, bridle, blanket and saddle pad for the well-matured Classic horse. That' s what my little lady likes for her Breyer ponies! Also too big for the bigger models. This little maiden who got it loved it and played with it every day with her new Breyer horse. I' m very satisfied with this one.

lt goes well with her horse and horseman models. I have a girl who likes it. Please keep in mind that it is only suitable for the " classical " sized horse. Veteran toy saddle set and blanket Asst.

Our backbone is our customers' contentment for our product.

Our backbone is our customers' contentment for our product. Characteristics Schwarzer Leder Reitsattel Material: Imported leathers Size: 15"16"17"17"18" Color: schwarz, Kaffee, Tobakoo MOQ:10PCS Schwarzer Leder Reitsattel Material: 15"16"17"17"18": Imported Lemico Innovative saddle tree with shockproof diaphragm Resilient saddle skin Shockproof stretch leg roll Billet chords Highly tearproof and easy-care for sweat-resistant high-grade steels Soft padded MEMOFORM and Cotton Panels Size: 15"16"17"18" Colour: Schwarz, Braun, Tobakoo MOQ: 10 pieces Weight: 6.

This saddle was developed not only to satisfy the requirements of the sport of polo, but also for the convenience and security of the holder. Detailled images Packing & delivery as needed, We package all our produce with high grade packing materials to guarantee a save and reliable transport.

Packing is done under the control of our packing expert staff, who monitor every single step of the packing work. Our enterprise makes sure that the product is manufactured from high-quality ingredients. Each product is manufactured with care and is subject to strict controls from conception to the end phase of manufacture.

All of this meticulous processing makes sure that what you get is the best product in its assortment. Arab saddle on DD leathers Soft padded saddle on DD leathers. From 15 " to 18", made of genuine hide and available in a variety of colours and styles, we package each item in poly bags and 10 items in cardboard boxes for exports at a competitively priced package & shipment. We provide a sampling inspection facility. Horse Saddle 1- With detachable top shelves.

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