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What are you, a picture-taker?

New Zealand's competitive seasons are in full swing, but worrying, and to the photographer's dismay we see more instances every single day how humans use photographs improperly - and unlawfully. We have seen in all cases illicit use of pictures, so this item should help you better comprehend what is appropriate, legitimate and equitable.

Maybe some of the younger perpetrators - or those new to sports - can argue on their first offense for lack of knowledge, and as long as they fix the issue on demand (either by charging for the use of the picture or by taking it out of their own public or other unauthorized uses), most photographs will forgive.

So, what can you do with pictures on the web and what not? Copyrights - Who does the picture belong to? Copyrights are owned by the photographs who took the picture. However, the only exceptions are when the photo is taken by the artist or as an associate, and then the copyrights are owned by the person/business who orders the work.

If a photo or videotape is created, the individual who created it will retain the copyrights if it is posted anywhere, even socially. Everyone who wants to use a picture or videotape that was not taken by him must first obtain the author's consent, specify the individual and if desired must be paid. The only other way to use a proprietary picture on online content is by splitting a contribution, publishing repostings to Instagram, or re-tweeting.

Let's repeat: The author holds the copyrights. When you came to a riding show because you know (and probably hope) that there are photographs there, you have given your conclusive permission for your photograph to be taken. To prevent your image from being captured or used on web sites or online communities, simply let the creator or your organization know.

The only thing you have bought is a printing or copying of the picture and a license to use it under certain circumstances. Home use means that you can place it on the walls of your home and/or use it as a screen saver, and also (but not always) mean that you can place it on your own community service area.

If, for example, you wish to use it to promote your salesman, to promote your own riding shop or to give it to your sponsors for use, you MUST first clarify this with the professional Photographer. A few photographs will gladly give you this permit, just to ask. One thing that really supports them is when they see that their pictures are being used for illegal purposes for profit.

"When you see this water mark, this picture is stolen," you don't seem to scare anybody. We have seen horses and ponies promoted on Trade Me for more than $20,000, but with thefts! A photographer can (and will) notify you of an infringement of copyrights to Trade Me and can then issue you an Invoice for far more than it would charge you for the picture if you had bought it lawfully.

Certain circumstances exist where you can use other people's pictures. Like many other companies, NZ Horse & Pony published with Facebook pages, many pictures. It' reasonable to split these contributions or pictures by pressing the Split Buttons. Like most other sites, we like it when you are sharing our pictures, even photographs.

However, don't just go and fetch the pictures and put them on your own website or page without acknowledging or indicating where they come from - that's infringing copyrights. Whether the picture has a watermark or not, whether it was taken by a pro or a lucky snatching enthusiast doesn't make a difference, you can't copy it unless the owner of the copyrights (i.e. the photographer) explicitly declares that you can.

In case of doubts please consult the fotographer! Undoubtedly there have been many discussions between professional photographers regarding this increasing problem as they see their photos illegal used on various different community based portals and web sites. A few have reached a point where they will no longer photograph certain passengers due to their story of image theft.

Even there are some incidents they will not go to because of the amount of illicit copies of pictures in this show. When you are among those who have often used pictures unlawfully on-line, don't be wondering if you are taking fewer and fewer pictures of yourself.

It'?s gonna get around that you're a burglar. Here we have some very gifted photographs at riding shows. It' a highly competetive industry where the photographer works really hard to make a good livin'. Yes, a photographer can go to some great riding shows, but there are working long after hours, processing, labeling, shipping, uploading to web sites and merchandising, as well as all the paperwork associated with managing a company, such as mailing bills.

It'?s not always enjoyable to stand outside all night at a equestrian show, especially when there is chilly winds and heavy rains trying to wreck your costly equipment. Editors who want an 50+ entry category photo of the winning photo will only employ a professional who is able to provide rains, heels, or sunburns in a timely manner to keep a close schedule.

Also, you can consider the harm you do to your own trademark or your image if you constantly use pictures with watermarks; it yells the signal that you are either ignoring or a burglar. lf you long for a brighter tomorrow, you can jeopardize it by theft.

Workplaces and potential donors are reviewing your online community, so think about what they will see. Don't let water-labeled pictures bother you - erase them. If you sell your stallion and use pictures with a watermark, you are already saying that you cannot be relied upon. When a buyer can see that you are hopeless enough to be stealing photographs, why should he believe what you say about your product?

This is another one with the same subject - and wrote by a professional who will stop thanks to the theft of pictures by all drivers.

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