Traditional English Riding Boots

Riding boots in traditional English style

Jusin English The Justin Boot Company, a leading manufacturer of horse shoes and westerns since 1879, has introduced Justin English, a range of traditional English riding boots for women. Justin English range includes genuine Justin English boots with superior quality materials, combining outstanding design, shape, comfort as well as stylish design. These boots and halfchaps are equipped with the 3M proprietary micro-replication technique, which provides added strength and easy traction while minimizing tiredness and enhancing power and controllability.

JJUSTIN BOOTS has a 135-year tradition of manufacturing top-of-the-range boots for those who like to horseback riding. It was an occasion to present a top of the range footwear to the English consumer at an affordable price, and we used our experience in shoe manufacturing to deliver the power and convenience that Justin Boots has been providing to English horseback riding enthusiasts for more than a hundred years.

Large English riding boots for men and women, shop large, field and dressage boots

The majority of visitors can see the classy look of a well clothed English rider wearing traditional high boots. You look astonishing, especially at a high quality Grand Prix or an Olympics horse show. You may have asked yourself why most English horsemen are wearing these beautiful high boots. Is it a requirement for riding or is it just a trend comment?

To be honest, high riding boots look marvelous, but are not just an aspect of stile. Classical riding boots don't come to the knees without a good cause. High boots are constructed in such a way that the leather of the drawing pins cannot penetrate the rider's legs.

The high boots are also protected against brushes and obstructions such as railings for those who take part in the fench. Although some of today's English riding boots have a slightly smaller paragraph, the paragraph is an important part of any riding boots. Mary's Tack and Feed offers a wide range of high class English riding boots for men and women.

Select from a range of boots that provide both the necessary level of wear resistance and shelter. Pairing high heels is an excellent value for money, which is why there is a range of equipment to extend the service lives of your English riding boots. Mary's Tack and Feed has everything you need to keep your riding boots in top shape, from your bag to your tree.

There' even is an exquisite shoe polish set that is the ideal present for any horseman. You' ll find all the top makes in English riding boots, even the best-selling Ariat Tall boots. Our range includes classical boots for show jumping, training boots and contemporary hybrid boots, which are so well known.

If you are looking for competitive or leisure boots, you will find them at Mary's Tack and Feed. With a well-equipped set of riding boots, it makes all the difference and can help you improve your show ring play or take in the pleasures of home riding.

With the right boots at Mary's!

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