Trail Horse Gelding for Sale

Horse Trail gelding for sale

The Gentle Ranch/Trail gelding Maryanne is a super soft and easy to understand ranch gelding. You can find a complete list of horses in the catalogue. Now there's a new Paint Horse gelding I call Joe in the barn. Is a locally raised gelding with one owner. Beautiful Bay Roan gelding for sale.

The Best of Craigslist: 1/4 horse gelding for sale'.

There is no indication which 1/4 exactly is for sale. But, hey, one more and you get a half-finger! By Robyn S.: 1/4 horse gelding for sale, this is a babysitter that anyone can buy. Trail horse that can be ridden alone or simple 15.2 handskeeper.

Also I have a child seat which I am willing to sell with him. Nice horse. Maybe you can help us combine an undesirable horse with a secure, caring home.

Trail, Pleasure Horse - Rainbows Arch for sale

Good-looking, stylish and friendly, this darkbrown gelding has a lot of physical prowess, naturally self-propelled and three beautiful basic paces. It is best suitable for small workloads with a middlereiter. User Name: Password: Note: After logging in, you can post a message and see extra sales information, such as telephone numbers, provided by the Sellers.

In order to better defend buyers and sellers against fraudsters and spam, we need a log-in. Please fill in your postcode for a free shipping quote. You can use uShip to send your horse. It is FREE to be listed, no trouble, no phone conversations and no commitment. Request a free quote now, just type in your tip!

Sale of our Horse

Peppy Hancock Bar- 2009 Bay Rock gelding - This is a stylishly crafted, good looking gelding. He' got a lovely, ground-covering stroll that takes you where you want to go. He' self-confident, will drive alone and work all the time. He is one of the most anyone can ever go riding, not a fun shop, he is always willing to go riding.

He' s healthy. He' s bound and good at pulling.

sales horses for sale

These are some of the horse that have been resold for references only. Thank you to all our horse purchasers and hopefully we' ll be able to tell you how they are doing in their new home - please keep emailing us! Birth ed and growing up on the farm. She' s bankrupt, knows how to ride in harsh terrain, was after cow boys (and watching them), and has a rope hood on her leash.

I' m using it this sommer and I consider it a great joke to be riding here - don't let my sincerity deceive you, it's a good horse! A gelding that neighbors/friends of ours have for sale. They are very (!) sincere to their horse, please don't delay calling them!

He is an 8-year-old Paint Horse gelding (see photographs for his papers) with Ris Key Busines in his family. He' s a Buckskin Paint with two blueshoes. Approximately 15 palms, very nice and simple to use. We have a boyfriend who went to the east and bought him this season, but we run a restaurant and Gus is too much horse for the normal horsewoman.

He has a great deal of talent as a runner or in the stadium. A very good looking horse-danch gelding, standing about 15 hands. It was Vaquero who was rappelled down, but I wouldn't think he was done, nor would I call him a great tightrope walker. It is very well broken (neck rein, gives way to the impression) and feels well in harsh landscape (steep cliffy mounds, passages of rain, wood in autumn).

It has been purchased for our guesthouse, where it proves to be too good for most of our drivers. A trail mounting for an experienced horseman with lightweight palms or a ranch-horse view. The Pina Colada is an all-round horse for families. She' s going to go on a hike or work animals, children can go riding her in the Korral, she has a really good swinging seat canter and is all together simple, first at the gates to welcome you.

She' s almost bomb-proof, she's secure enough for a rookie, but I have to say that she turned around once and tried to go back to the stable when I had a rookie with her. Not only do we use it for riding, but also for raising livestock, it goes well on its own.

They used Corona on the farm, ropeed ed it down and worked beef. It is very large (real 16.2 hands) without being unwieldy. She' s not a quick horse, but will become faster for a passing youngster, will probably be better for trail riding than a full season tranch as she will be travelling but not really quick.

It is a great horse for the whole horse group, it can also go to the neighbours and shove some cows. To offer Corona for sale is not an an easy choice for me, she is a very sympathetic horse who is willing to do anything that is required of her. "Viento " was moving cows on a farm in impassable terrain: gorges, lumber, streams, slime and rugged land.

It has been rappelled down and has substance veal in branding (cutting, working bovine animals at the fence) in a Pat Parelly hospital in sommer 2010. He is very quick and likes to go on journeys, so he may not be a good child's or beginner's horse, but rather does a day's work on the farm.

Standing about 15 palms, 1200 pounds, he is listed by AQHA; Zippo Pine Bar, Two Eyed Jack, Te N Te, Leo and Three Bar's breeding.

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