Trail Horses for Lease

Horses Trail for rent

Mare for Lease in Half Moon Bay, experienced light or young riders would be best. Not bad habits, good manners and loves the way. The Gentle Ranch/Trail gelding Maryanne is a super soft and easy to understand ranch gelding. In the past, Willy was a wanderer for a young lady. Rent one of our horses and ride daily as a temporary border crosser on our trails.

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How long is the rental contract and when can I get a rental bike? At Pond Hill we ask you to choose the horses 1 weeks before the desired date of arrival. When you are considering renting a number of horses, we recommend that you turn to us in the first few month of the year in which you need the horses.

We have a fast filling lease programme and an early response would help you. Rental plans are adaptable, we have rental contracts from one months up to a whole year. As many horses can be rented? It is possible to rent 1 or as many horses as necessary.

Is the gear with the horses? All horses are supplied with a holster and a guide wire.

For an extra charge an anglish or west facing nut, harness and mat can escort the horses. It is not part of the cost of the horses. Where can I bring the horses to my site? At Pond Hill the rented horses are transported for an arranged charge. Well, what if the stallion turns out to be inappropriate?

When you have a query about renting a horses, do not feel free to get in touch with us. Welcome to our farm, where our employees will work with you to find the right horses for your needs.

Rent a Ride - Sunset Trails stables Lee's Summit, MO petting zoo and pony rental

Join something new can be frightening and we want to make your ride journey as seamless and seamless as possible. Lease programmes are a great way to gain hands-on experiences in this entertaining and thrilling game. In order to take part in the lease programme, you must buy your own equipment.

Westerns or British saddles, blanket/pad, bridles and bristles must be authorized by a Sunset Trails trainer. The Sunset Trails trainer must authorize each lease applicant. Sunset Trails does not allow horses to depart from its premises without previous approval. Trail rides with James A. Reed and shows at the venue. A $100 extra charge will be made if you wish to take a Sunset Trails product to an outdoor show or performance, excluding transport costs.

When you are given leave to take a Sunset Trails Horses to an external incident, you are liable for each and every incident of veterinary assistance, and in the case of death you are liable for the full value of the horses. The right is reserved to cancel the rental agreement at any moment.

One " drive " is restricted to one hours. It is only the hirer and his immediate relatives who are allowed to use it. Q. If I can go horseback riding and want to rent a bike, why do I have to take a class with an equestrian teacher every weekend? The horses in the lease programme are well educated horses of high calibre.

The care of every single equestrian and the improvement of equestrian abilities is an important part of the art of equitation. Attending a weekly Sunset Trails instruction session with a Sunset Trails trainer ensures that the horses are correctly rode and all problems/concerns with the horses and riders are correctly healed. Q. Why should I have my own train to rent a horse? What's the best reason for that?

A. Renting a horses is often the first stage in buying a new one. Equipments and gear are very important for horses and riders. Badly placed stickiness can lead to pain in the horseme. Buying tacks that fit exactly to your horses is important. Any stickiness must be authorized and mounted by your trainer.

Q. After a few short months, what happens if I decides I don't like the animal I am renting? We are working diligently to offer you and your horses the best possible lease solution. After the first few week, if you find that the selected horses are not right for you, please let us know and we will look for other options.

Q. If I choose to buy the horses during the rental period, what happens? All horses in the lease programme are for purchase. Your first rental contract will specify the amount of the rental. When someone else shows interest in buying the hired horses, you get a first right of rejection.

Q. If I come to my rental agreement and the horses are already being used, what happens? The Sunset Trails teaching and rental horses have a very full schedule. While we can give you an idea of when your hired horses will not be used for teaching or other activity, we cannot guarantee their uptime.

Once you have arrived for your rental and your rental is already in use, you can await the availability of your horses. Without the express consent of an employee, you may not select another educational riding equestrian.

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