Trail Riding English Saddle

English Saddle Trail Riding

Anybody use an English saddle for riding? The Western saddle is bigger and heavier than the English saddle as explained in my Saddle Facts article. Has anyone got accessories he recommends for riding in an English saddle? If you prefer English, Western, Australian or endurance sports, you will find a range of saddles to keep you and your horse comfortable over long distances. Purchasing a trail saddle is in many ways the same as choosing one for any other sport or activity.

Deutsch Trail Riding Accessories & Equipment - Schneiders

If you are preparing for a brief horseback riding or a week-end long for an adventurous trip, Schneider's English riding gear will enhance the riding and riding world. New hikers will be amazed at how much even a brief trip can bring, and if stocks become scarce, they can quickly become a tough trip.

However, with the right range of equestrian trails, every tour becomes an entertaining and restful one. We have English riding outfit, safety outfit, feed and other articles at the best price for those whose ideal one good days is a forest outing with their horses. Protecting, communicating and storing is the first priority during a hike.

Schneider's range of English riding hats protects your helmet from unforeseen shocks and is available in many classy colours. Or you can wish for a breast plate with walking martigold to keep your horse's brow from snatching back into you. You can also be protected with English shoes, track shoes and mosquito nets.

Stay in touch with our English calipers and all-purpose saddle cushions and then give the right signal with a hunter's fence and rein. You' ll also have enough room to transport your other kit with trail pom-pomel pouches, drink bottles and mobile pouches. The English riding kit comes from major equestrian suppliers such as Professionals Choice®, Pinnacle, Joseph Sterling and Troxel, as well as our own brand names such as Dura-Tech®.

They are known for their long-lasting qualities, and when you order from Schneiders, you get a 100% customer service warranty. After returning to the stables, we have also equipped you for after hike activity with feeding sacks to fill up your horse's power, equipment for scrubbing horses and for removing rocks or deposits from horses.

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