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The Tucker is the first and most comfortable trail saddle for rider and horse. Store Billy Royal and Double S Trail saddles now at Schneider's Saddlery and see how to ensure a relaxed ride with a soft, padded seat. The Western saddles are the icon of the West. The Western Trail saddles and Western Pleasure Saddles are built on a light saddle tree.

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For more than 30 years Tucker has been developing, designing and producing trail saddle and saddle gear that is our Ultimate Trail Comfort brand for horses and horsemen. Today, Tucker trekking calipers are the industry standards in terms of trail riding performance and riding styles.

Drivers around the globe can enjoy long lasting comforts with the Gel-Cush? cushioned fit integrated into every Tuckers trail saddle. Tuckers are handmade in Yoakum, Texas, and distributed through a net of authorised distributors.

Buying Guide for Trail Seats

Purchasing a trail saddle is in many ways the same as selecting one for any other type of sports or activities. As one spends more in the saddle, the more critically the fitting becomes. Slight fitting errors that may have little or no effect during indoor use can cause considerable pain for you and your horses after a full days on the trail over different soils.

Luckily, a large number of saddle makers have adapted to the needs of trailers and offer a variety of choices, with or without a buzzer, from aerodynamic, minimalistic styles to D-ring, string and rigged styles for storing all your gear. We use a Ralide plant made of mould injection polyethylene," says John Eliot, head of marketing at Action Company.

" What is great about a shaped boom is that when we put on the sewn parts, they always match up. Our saplings are made of wood, individually handcrafted and thoroughly dry so that there are no distortions," says Cindy Lang, member of the team. Comfy saddle for most saddles.

" It allows sideways bending for a broad spectrum of animals, with the rods arranged at a distance to reduce spinal column compression. "We' re using high-quality leather," says Lang. It is upholstered with comfortable upholstery. The outfitter is 34 lbs. and can be used for trail riding and other work.

"It' s more varied; it can be used for trail or ranching, and you can use it to ropes or to hunt and pull out wild animals on the saddle," says Lang. Cost: $1,425 for a trail saddle with a round coat and $1,450 for a quadratic coat; the running saddle costs $1,650.

Boom: For the most part, the boom's forks and coat are made of timber. They have two layers: a high tight part at the top, which holds under the saddle and a more elastic, low-density rod next to the horses. It is inflexible in the centre, but the outside edge of the sticks bends with the horses as they move.

Flex2 is available in many different styles in British and West. The Circle Y also features a saddle that uses a Flex2 boom for use with gaiters. "They have a different inclination, especially in the back, they are more steep and not as broad as a quarter horse tree," says design and marketing manager Amy Orsak.

Softtee saddle seats have a non-slip covering upholstered with a moulded polyurethane padding that adapts to the riders conform. Jockey's and mudguards are made of a protected hide that has been specifically made to be very smooth and softer. "Those calipers have a well-established feeling, right out of the box," says Orsak.

Reinsman Trail Saddles are based on a flex-tree which is designed with accurate outlines necessary to minimise bruises and maximise the wing," says Ernie Tracy, Head Customer Service Representative. Each saddle in the Trail line has been fitted with genuine leathers, a non-woven woollen liner and an upholstered cowhide upholstery. Full suede calipers weighs 25 to 30lbs.

One of them, the Leather Corduroy Trail, contains cushioned corduroy over a polyresin pole to reduce the body to 17lbs. Exclusively US produce is used in these seats, even leathers. "We want the best, so it's not a bargain saddle," says Hawkins. Weights: 21-27 lbs pinewood; 16-22 lbs cedars.

Cost: from $1,900 to $1,975; the choice of light cedarwood costs $110. They are made of high grade American saddle satchels. Eurolight is 12 to 15 lbs. in weight and has a replaceable soft padded infant high heel. Others are 16 to 25lbs. "There are two types of seats: Trail with a lower fit and greater stamina, which is flatter," says Kaden.

" When cantering or posing for long times, you don't want to be restricted by a low fit while moving and trying to keep your balance at high speeds over your stirrup. "The stirrup can be set in three different settings - forward, level or centred on all of them. With a demonstration programme you can try out a saddle for eight whole working day before you buy it.

Boom: They are made of light, die-cast polythene, each of which is individually adapted to the needs of horses and riders. "We' re adjusting the bottom of the boom to the horses and the top to the riders size," says synergistically, Dave Di Pietra. Each saddle is created according to the dimensions of the EQUImeasure Kit, a shallow section of synthetic material that is heated in the stove and then formed over the back of a saddle.

"As the back of the saddle changes with age, you can reheat the saddle and return it to us with the saddle; we can adjust the bottom of the saddle for this one. Shaped to bring the rider's upper leg into a comfortable, even posture, the driver's leg is individually adjusted to the form of the upper legs and buttocks; a "jeans seam" duct in the middle reduces rubbing caused by sutures.

Semitrailer comes complete with D-rings as fitted as standard with a tail ring on the back of the saddle; other ring can be added. Boom: Tex-Flex boom is made of high tenacity polythene rods, which keep their form and still give way when the rider is moving against them. They are made of different colours and different occidental style leathers.

Boom: Tuckers are all made of timber, but the rods are made of a laminated rather than a massive log to provide a little bit of agility. SUcker saddle is equipped with either a gelCush Cush? or a V-Cush 8 padded foamed version, both upholstered with a padded upper.

A further gel cush pod is located between the saddle skirt and the boom to cushion shocks between the saddle and the jump. Tucker's chair is hung above the poles to relieve vibrations and the stirrup from ErgoBalance helps keep the driver in a relaxed posture. Variable rig allows you to move the Latino forwards or backwards to suit your horses better.

You can choose from a range of quadratic or round dresses, embossed or smooth leathers and cross-over styles for riding and stamina. Most Tucker calipers have several bands and cords for binding to backpacks and pockets. Boom: Wintec ElastiFlex boom is made of die-cast thermoplastics which is strong enough to keep the backbone stable while retaining sufficient side mobility to move with the back.

Lengthened rods spread the riders load over a larger area of the horse's back. Manufactured from fully synthetical material, includes Equisuede, which looks like genuine skin. Weighing 13 lbs., one oz. Pro Cane saddle, similar to an Aussie saddle, weights 20lbs/10oz.

There are two different saddle styles that allow the purchaser to customise the saddle to suit each individual saddle. Calibrated saddle panel system is a set of air-filled bags that replaces conventional saddle padding to distribute the rider's body mass more evenly; saddle panels can be placed by a saddlery over the calibrated saddle bags to adapt the pad.

In case the form of the horses changes with your aging or condition, another esophagus can be exchanged.

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