Trained Horses for Sale

Qualified horses for sale

He' a trained and educated cutter with NCHA earnings. All our horses go through our training program so that every horse we sell has it. That is not the case when you buy a Clinton Anderson Signature Horse. May I send my horse to you to be trained as a Signature Horse? The Lincoln Lincoln is a suede ranch horse.

Qualified horses for sale

The BIG JOE QH gelding type R9yr 16H TRAIL TIDE CHAMPING WTC the best rider! Paynne FARM BIG JOE QH Wallach 9 years 16H One of the best horses you will ever be! Discover BIG JOE and experience the thrill of travel. I would like you to call us and join us on Facebook to see his astonishing videos---I like big but and I.....

JOIN US ON FACEBOOK TO SEE YOUR GREAT VIDEOS - READY TO GO WITH STYLE? A very cute horse, well reared with a lot of brains. The gorgeous big guy was brought up by hands and trained during one of Kentucky's first trainings..... The Avatar is a warmblood/TB-Kreuzwallach ("crossbred gelding").


Safe, gentle, willing horses - Meet Monty's Willing Partners

Isn' t that what every equine friend wants? Not only is he a well-trained mare, but he also does his work well. This is a personal choice of a coach who has been looking for nice, light and soft horses all his life. It is a sound stallion who grew up in an enviroment provided by a world-renowned equestrian fan.

There is unprecedented investment of quality and attention in every single one of our horses and the results show it. Roberts and Pat are known for having trained excellent horses in various fields throughout their lives. In 2005, they launched their Willing Partners? programme in order to identify the long-established needs in the equestrian sector: Where can one find a dependable, ready and professional steed that the coach would work with?

However, the selection and education of horses for such a first-class programme is not simple and not cheap. Completing the Willing Partners programme at Partners sometimes takes up to 30 consecutive month of education. In order to be able to produce horses in a relaxing and dependable manner under different conditions, it takes a lot of work.

willing. Partners Horses must satisfy the stringent Monty and Pat standards to become a graduate of the programme. A few folks ask, how is it possible to have a shed full of such light and willing horses? Answers lie in the choice procedure and the learning curve. Firstly, the horses chosen for the programme come from ranch and stud programmes that comply with the stringent standards of Monty and Pat.

You personally go to choose the horses, often with more than 100 stallions to come home with a fistful of people. You will be reared on Flag Is Up Farm on juicy greens among your age group in the programme, learn to behave socially (manners) and grow up in an area that is most healthy for horses with abundant, nourishing meadows and space to spread their feet and exuberance.

But do you ask, will all horses you choose become Willing Partners? Several of the stallions that come to the farm to become Willing Partners show so much skill and fire that they are better chosen for alternative workout programmes, sometimes with other coaches, or very skilled and aggressive horsemen looking for a hottest, more passionate stallion.

All other horses cannot achieve the touch of becoming a Willing Partner alumnus for other reason; health, temper or wish... these horses are the most costly component in the Willing Partner program account because we must take a lot of attention and attention to find forever houses for these horses without the Willing Partner's sought-after certification of performance.

As we do not hand over every Willing Partners mare included in the programme, you can be sure that the Willing Partners mare you buy will live up to your expectations. Willing Partners? - Why did you launch your Willing Partners? programme? It' s what everyone's screaming for. Wherever I go, I am asked where I can find a stable that has been trained for the whole team?

That many coaches are offering "broken" horses.... well, I have always tried to go beyond this heaven. No, I don't want my stallion to go under. Isn' every equestrian want the same thing? Says the world: "Find us horses of good workmanship we can rely on. This programme is intended for everyone who matches this group.

Why is your Willing Partners horses so special? Willing Partners is uniquely committed to the timing, endurance and depth of the programme. You will be chosen according to your temper, build and colour and trained for dependability and teamwork. I train these horses according to my ideas and they do not suffer any pains or fears as such.

You' ll learnt to put your faith in humans and that's how we build horses you can put your faith in. This is what makes these horses so special. Is it possible to see the Willing Partners being trained? We' re also planning to launch a horse tracking trailer on our website so that everyone can follow their own progres.

Is Willing Partners? customizable to my needs? If required, we can tailor a particular equine in our programme to the customer's needs. In one case for a chestnut hunter, ranching horses and therapeutical saddle horses, we have specially trained horses for a young woman with spinia beida.

What is beautiful about the horses in this programme is that they are flexible and multifaceted and can easily adapt to a wide range of situations. Is Willing Partners? horses safe than other horses? Horse backpacking and working with horses is always risky, but I think that this is minimised with the horses we choose for the Willing Partnerships.

It would of course be overconfidence if we were to say that our horses are "bomb-proof" or would never set one of their feet square. It is more precise to say that at the beginning of their lifetime these horses have been given the best and most thorough basis to make the remainder of their lifes as positively and successfully as possible with their owner.

To date, the horses have gone to individuals in Saudi Arabia, England, Denmark, Norway and the entire United States, where they meet the diverse needs of their holders, among them competitions in recreational classrooms, trekking, fox hunting, carriage racing and horseback therapy for disabled kids. Recommendation of a Willing Partners equestrian owner: Come and see the yard!

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