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Nurture your horse lover with quality food by feeding her tribute Kalm 'N EZ Horse Feed! That's why I love tribute feeds and I'm very happy with the results I've seen with my gelding. It is not an accurate representation of the quality and high standards I expect from Kalmbach Feeds. The ASE Feed & Supply range includes a variety of products for horses, including Tribute Equine Nutrition, Purina Mills, Nutrena, Buckeye Nutrition and homemade feed.

These are a list of our horse feeds and tributes Equine Nutrition.

Sue Kalmbach, horse owner, on contaminated horse feed

One Ohio pair accused the manufacturer of Tribute Equine Nutrition of deliberately dispensing ionophorus infested feed. The plaintiffs Derek and Rebecca Smith of Moreland Hills sued Kalmbach Feeds, Inc. and 10 John Does for negligent conduct, defraud and strict adherence to the law. While Kalmbach states that Tribute Equine Nutrition's line of equine feeds is produced in a "closed", non-ionophoric mill, the company's allegations are misleading and the horses' proprietors are misleading.

On March 20, 2015, an FDA inspection found that Kalmbach produced a medical feed just before batch #71345[Tribute Foal Foundation], a non-medical feed for horses. "At the end of the inspection, the FDA released a 483 to the company saying that the company's practice does not appear to be preventing drugs from being transferred to non-medical feed," said FDA spokesperson Jason Strachman-Miller Rate My HorsePRO.

Toxic horse feed? Another four showed signs of the disease this weeks that coincided with ionophor intoxication. Syndromes of ionophoric intoxication can be colics, perspiration, muscle atrophy, flatulence, renal impairment, cardiac injury, shortness of breath, rigidity and incapacity to standing. and the Smiths were defeated by four of them. One of them was Percheron's horsewoman. In search of an answer, the Smiths went to their Chagrin Pet & Garden feed storage in Chagrin Falls and Kalmbach.

It says that both companies reassured them that tribute feed was not the problem. Smiths were given their own feed trials. Laboratory trials found two ionicophores - Monsensin and Lazalocid - in Tribute Essential K and Tribute Foal Foundation, judicial state. "We are optimistic that their allegations are 100% wrong and that this complaint is unfounded," says Bonnie Brannigan, Kalmbach Feeds Vice President of Retail Marketing.

Remain with us while we pursue these and other ongoing complaints about polluted feeding. Tribute Equine Nutrition never responded to this complaint, but apparently resolved the case. On October 14, 2016, the plaintiffs rejected the action against Kalmbach on a voluntary basis with prejudices.

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