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You're a stud horse. Father: Attempts to sell horses, In Fine Nic, VIC,, Bloodstock.

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The Bloodstock team at Magic Millions has the knowledge and connections to help you get the horses of your dreams. Our team has the experience, the knowledge and the skills to help you make your dream come true. No matter whether you want to buy a trial equine that fits your area, or a brood mare that you want to join your group, Magic Millions will take care of your interests and act on your behalf to complete the transaction.

Whether you're willing to pay just a few thousand bucks, or whether you want to buy at the top end of the investment ladder, the Magic Millions staff will consider every request just as important. All our agents are constantly on farm and close to stable to find out about all the horses available for sale.

What is important is that Magic Millions' successful history of personal selling is self-explanatory, with thousands of deals among them Swiss Ace, Willander and Pentamerous, to name a few.

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Randwick Bloodstock - thoroughbred horse sale

Randwick bloodstock was founded in Randwick in 1987 and is now headquartered in the Hunter Valley, Australia's leading purebred area. Her knowledge is currently used by many of Australia's most prestigious studs, race horse owner, trainer and breeder. The Randwick company specializes in the sale and purchasing of blood products. Our company is most actively selling breed animals through the listing on this website.

We have blood inventory of and sells to many Inc. country. Randdwick Bluodstock own and operate Glenesk Thoroughbreds, a 65 acres mare ranch on Mount Vincent in the lower Hunter Valley. The Glenesk Thoroughbreds also prepare and present animals for horse races and breed. Among the most recent milestones are the sale of the mare prospectus VILLA VERDE for 1.1 million dollars, the blue-blooded INSPIRED STELLE for 925,000 dollars and the sale of the Group 1 winner foal PECIOUS GEM for 825,000 dollars.

Randwick is one of Australia's premier stockbrokers. We recently bought Group 3 2017 on the course with the win of 2xOMERYL ( By EPAULETTE) and the following list winners CAVALOCE. In addition, RBA bought the brood mare BARDEGO for 46,000 dollars (now mother of the young GR1 victor VOLPE VELOCE), as well as the Group 2 victor UNHRO with the Group 2 victor THE RYN and PONTE PICCOLO (for 35,000 dollars) - the following mother of the Hong Kong champions ABLE FRIEND.

When you like a challenging job and are motivated by your own dream, the whole blood business is for you.

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