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bw headline" id="History">Geschichte[edit]>> Standardbred is mainly known as the trotting race. CharacteristicsWell muscular, long bodied, slightly heavy than a thoroughbred, firm feet and strong back and shoulder; able to walk at racing or at high speeds. Standardbred is an Egyptian horse race best known for its trotting skills, where members of the race either race at walking or trotting speeds.

Designed in North America, the Standard Bred is recognised around the world and the race can track its blood lines back to the England of the eighteenth cent. These are sound, well-built and well-disposed mounts. As well as trotting, the Standard Bred is also used for a wide range of horse racing sports events - which include horse shows and amusement rides - especially in the Midwest and East of the United States and South Ontario.

The first trot racing in America took place in the seventeenth cent. In the middle of the 18th c., however, the race took place on offical routes where the horse sat in the seat of the horse-suit. The Narragansett Pacer, Canadian Pacer, Thoroughbred, Norfolk Trotter, Hackney and Morgan are among the strains that have helped with standard breeding.

As sports gained prominence, breeders became more selectively to make the quicker trotter. The Standardsbred Stud Register was founded in 1879 by the National Association of Trotting Horse Breeders in the United States. 3 ] The name originated from the "norm" which is given to the animals to be able to walk or walk a certain distance within a certain period of the year.

1 ] Each standard bred had to be able to travel a kilometer in less than two minute and 30 seconds. Today, many standard breeds are quicker than this initial standard,[5] with multiple tempos within 1 minute, 50 seconds, and Trober only a few seconds slower than pacemakers. Somewhat different blood lines can be found in trotting than in pacemakers, although both can attribute their inheritance to Hambletonian 10.

They' re also calmer because they fit in well with a horse whose racing requires more movement and change of pace than thoroughbred racing. Standard breeds are regarded as human-oriented and easily trained ponies. Standard brew usually weights between 800 and 1,000 lbs (360 and 450 kg). It has a long standard length, a well developed shoulder, long and hard muscle, which is helpful for long steps.

Standard Bred's necks are slightly muscled and should be slightly domed with a length of mid to long. Standard Breds are known for their trot racing skills as they are the quickest trot race horse in the whole canter. Due to their rapidity, standard Breds are often used to equip other races of racing cars around the globe, such as the Orlov Trotter and the French Trotter.

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada and the USA host both trotting and pacer-racing. All trotting events are carried out between the trotting horses in mainland Europe. Important events for trotting enthusiasts in the United States are the Peter Haughton Memorial for two-year-olds and the World Trotting Derby, Yonkers Trot, Hambletonian and Kentucky Futurity for three-year-olds.

Hambletonian is sometimes called " Kentucky Derby of Harness Racing ". Threefold crown consists of Yonkers Trob, Hambletonian Stakes and Kentucky Futurity. Several of the most important events in North America are the Woodrow Wilson and Metro Stake for two-year-olds and the Little Brown Jug, Meadowlands Pace, North America Cup and the Adios Pace for three-year-olds.

Pacing Triple Crown is formed by the small brown jug, the messenger piles and the stick step. Important Australian and New Zealand events are the New Zealand Trotting Cup, the Miracle Mile Pace and the Inter Dominion Serie. Standard breeds are also used in horse shows and recreational horseback rides. They' also a favourite of the Americans as lightweight buggies, who do without motorised cars.

With the help of organisations such as the Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organisation, many retirees find a second off-course carreer. Standard breeding with an American stroller. It is a very good jumper, making it ideal for the sports horse events of hunting sitting, show jumper, show jumper and show jumper.

It is also seen in the world of horse-dressing, and its outstanding temperament makes it a good horse for horse-raiding and ranching. Furthermore, the genetic makeup of the race can also encourage and train them to execute slippery paces, especially gear racks and walking speed. In Australia too, standard ponies are becoming increasingly popular as persevering ponies, from the 20 km long and 40 km long horse shows to the 80 km long horseback.

Well-known for their thick and firm bone, their appropriate exterior and their capacity to keep high trotter speed comfortable over long stretches of the body. Its friendly and straightforward character also adds to its appeal. This is particularly appealing for horsemen who do not want to compete with purpose-built Arab mounts, which are often more challenging and competitively priced.

This is the standard book for horse breeds: A complete guide to the standards of all horse breeding associations in the United States.

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