Trotting Horses for Sale in England

Trab horses for sale in England

Locate local trotters in horses and ponies in Britain and Ireland. FOR SALE HORSE - JIM STEWART. Horses for sale Pacer/Trotter, horse boxes and turning points for sale. Promote your pacemaker/drotter horse online today. Locate Pacer/Trotter Horses in Great Britain and Ireland.

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A 16hhh Scooter Murphy is a 12 year old grandpa. 11-year-old daredevil with chestnuts, 14.2, riding and driving, I have own this saddle for 9 years and can take it anywhere, tractor, lorry do not phasize this saddle,..... 3:5 p.m. 5-year-old broodmare. A very heartbreaking sale of my 5 year old trotting forest, which can only be sold through no own culpability.

The Merlin is a ca. 15-hhs 8 year old trotting gelding. I have a 15.3 French Traber on my back, crossing with an Apaloosa, he is 10 years old. Dracie is a 15.1/2hhh 4 year old Traber Kreuz filly.

UK รข Two weeks ago, members of TROTBritain from the UK came to France and chose 13 horses, six geldings and seven broodmares to return to the UK for the 2016 seasons. It is part of the TROTBritain and LeTrot current alliance to develop trotting in the UK.

Altogether 65 horses have been bought since the beginning of the cooperation with the first sales serie in 2014. Trotter Francais' UK expansion will continue with the shipment of three France bred mare lines bought in the first 2014 batch. Now the three female foals are back in France and go to the stud named Reach de Vandel, who will be mated.

With this agreement, TROTBritain is hoping to develop young horses that can run both in France and the UK. You would be qualified for the Prakas Stake for UK trotting with racing at the ages of 2, 3 and 4 years. TROTBritain has planned an estimate of 75 events this year with 47 events on 16 different circuits in England, Scotland and Wales in 2016.

A LeTrot will be driven in front of THE QUEEN! at the Mussleburgh Racecourse in Scotland in September. Thanks to TROTBritain, trotting in Great Britain is certainly going in the right directions.

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