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Road Trucks is a car-based magazine that shares all information about classics, sports, diesel and custom trucks and their parts and accessories online. Sign up for Truck Trend - Truck Trend. Latest tweets from Truck Trend Magazine (@TruckTrendcom).

Recent truck and SUV reviews, news and research reports

The 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali was the one that brought home the highest award with all the points in the table and was awarded the Pickup Truck of the Year award. Chevrolet's 16th Silverado 1500 High Country received an invite to the 2016 Pickup Truck of the Year contest thanks to its new eight-speed self-propelled transmission and 5.3-liter EcoTec3 5.3-motor.

This 2016 model of the mid-size pick-up from coyota is the first new Tacoma in more than 10 years and is significantly better than its forerunner.

The Truck Trend is the ultimative guideline for everything that has to do with trucks and SUVs.

The Truck Trend is the ultimative guideline for everything that has to do with truck and SUV. Truck Trend is more than just a magazine, it puts truck fans in the thrilling and harsh realm of one of the world's most popular cars. Truck Trend was initially an editor in Motor Trend, but was separated into its own magazine and over the course of two centuries has developed into one of the sector specialists for lorries, transporters and SUPVs.

Reader interested in the latest cars will enjoy a first look at new lorries and S. U. V.'s, as well as in-depth shopping guide books to help choose the right car for every life style. Our roadside testing department meticulously assesses new lorries and compared newer ones with their forerunners. Truck Trend also focuses on older and restricted brands and styles for those with more interest in vintage cars.

The Truck Trend also provides information on parts and equipment, from the best tool boxes fitted on the loading area to towbars and bicycle stands. Information items keep the reader up to date on the latest updates from their favourite brand and help them make the most of their truck's functions. Truck enthusiasts of all age groups will be entertained with contents such as car reviews, instructions, visitor colums and more.

The Truck Trend is the magazine of choice for anyone interested in the latest truck and vehicle news, and is ideal for those who want to take a close look at an authentically automobile-style. Auto Extension Service: This document is part of the Auto Extension Service. Get all the advantages of our automated extension programme.

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