Turnout Sheet

switch blade

They can be layered over stable blankets, liners, stable sheets or any other combination in cold weather to keep your horse warm and dry in all conditions. Euro Contour Collar switch plates. Amigo Mio Light Weight Turnout is a high quality Horseware crossover at an amazing price. All thicknesses of our popular switches are lighter. A lighter cloth is sometimes enough to hold your horse.


at an astonishing cost. It' very light, so it's good when it's chilled - but not colder - and rain.

It' the ideal light weight, and the two-tone colour (navy and tan) looks very hot! Keep your caudal line in place (unlike the thighs my broodmares don't like).

It' the ideal light weight, and the two-tone colour (navy and tan) looks very hot! Keep your caudal line in place (unlike the thighs my broodmares don't like).

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All thicknesses of our beloved switches are thinner. A light cloth is sometimes enough to keep your stallion cool, hot and comfortably in bad weathers. If the turnout ceiling is too thick, it will only be used to superheat if the temperature rises too high in January dewy weathers.

Developed with the same properties as our soft covers for those times when your horses only need a thin film. In springtime when the climate is unforeseeable, grab this beautiful cloth and keep the cold away from your lucky horses. An elegant switch blade for warm climate zones.

It is long-lasting and powerful and is ideal for colder wet weather or lively winds. A great hand that lasts! I have a proven ceiling man. Particularly good over the toes. A great price for a quilt! I' ve just been reading the critiques on this ceiling and I thought I'd give it a try.

Made to measure! Betty T gave me this rug just last night and I was able to try it out on my own saddle. I' ve been given my 78 " (which he normally wears), which suits him very well. I also like this ceiling because it is higher on the crest than my other ceilings, which are low.

It' not as high as the avalanche covers, but it's better if he doesn't rub much on his ankles. There has been no rain here yet, but I can't look forward to seeing the ceiling withstand the rain. Otherwise it's a great ceiling!

Large ceiling with great quality! So I was looking for a new ceiling to replace my other ceiling, which was broken for a few years. That looks exactly like my other ceiling and matches an exactly "T", which is weird! Last week-end I took part in the Ocala Horse Trials in Ocala, Florida... I am hoping for hot, sunshine at every show, but the knowledge that I am fully equipped for everything that Mother Nature is throwing at me keeps me optimistic and willing to face even the hardest roads!

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