Two year old Quarter Horses for Sale

Two-year-old Quarter Horses for sale

Two-year archives Talking to Tabitha, I knew that I had found an honest, knowledgeable individual to help me find a suitable animal for my needs. In our quest we had met some disloyal men and were deeply disappointed at how we were misled about the horses' qualities and they were not what I wanted for my ancestors. As part of our team we want a great built and a more surprising spirit and we have found it with their horses. We' re happy to have I Sayo Im Spezial as part of our familiy and look forward to add more in the near term.

" "The best steed I've ever had. Maybe what I valued most was the fact that Tabitha is a great character to work with. Your pictures of our farm and horses were a great complement to our newsletter, advertisements and website. Thank you, Tabitha! "We were lucky enough to buy two horses from Tabitha (so far!).

Tabitha is a very competent and sincere person and we appreciate the way she is treated.......a great benefit for the equestrian world. Thanks for everything, Tabitha! "I think only a real rider can be a good equestrian photographer. Really. There' s no question that Tabitha has the eyes, timings and diligence to call herself one of the best equestrian photography companies in the world.

" Yours faithfully, "Tabitha, Beauty has now been re-named Toddler and is the cutest little filly there is :) "Three years ago I bought Tabitha's Sparkaboom as a 2-year-old. We' re several miles apart, but Tabitha has arranged for me to see "Boomer" and finish the vetch check before I actually buy him.

She is still easily reachable for question and advice after the sale and three years later! If I am prepared for another stallion, I go back to Tabitha, because she is proud of a high standard breed and finds the right stallion for everyone! I' m showing one right now and I' m gonna be on both of them next year.

Deals went smoothly and the horses are cowardly, healthy, good-natured and look great!

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