Ultimate Horse Book

The ultimate horse book

Nice pictures of the different horse breeds and funny information. Are you passionate about horses? Purchase a cheap copy of The Ultimate Horse Book by Elwyn Hartley Edwards. An absolute must for anyone who loves horses, here is a comprehensive and visually appealing guide for horses from all over the world.

<font color="#ffff00">Ultimate Horse Book by Elwyn Hartley Edwards, Sharon Ralls Lemon <font color="#ffff00">Hardcover

The Ultimate Horse Book begins with a brief account of the horse's development from a workhorse to a showhorse, and then discusses the animal's behavioural pattern, body shape and looks. At the heart of the book is an excellent photo guidebook to over 80 horse races from around the globe.

Specifically ordered photos show the horse in a true-to-nature posture and then detail the horse's neck and buttocks. An extensive section on horse husbandry follows the catalogue. All aspects of horse maintenance are clarified and illustrated: provision of appropriate accommodation, feed and maintenance, identification of medical problems, raising and maternity, purchase and maintenance of upholstery and other devices.

Ultimate Horse Book closes with a detailed insight into the various sports facets of the horse kingdom such as show jumping, horse training, long haul horse trekking, horse racing and horse racing. This is the perfect book for all horse lovers: Ultimate Horse Book is an indispensable guidebook for everyone who likes horse racing - from the teenage boy enthusiastic about ponies to the pros.

It' a book for everyone who thinks the horse really is a precious beast. For many years, Elwyn Hartley Edwards was a journalist and editor for the journal Elwyn Hartley Edwards and writes frequently for many magazines such as Horse and Hound, Country Life and the Radio Times. Mr. B. is chaired by the Board of the Horse Society and is deputy sponsor of the Horse and Pony Protection Association (HAPPA).

Frequent lecturer to horse sports associations and writer of over 30 books on horseback. Encirclopedia of the Horse, A Standard Guide to Horse and Pony Breeds, and The Horseman's Manual sind einige der bekanntesten. Horse Illustrated journalist Sharon Ralls Lemon has been on horseback since the ages of four.

Ultimate Horse Book should have the subtitle "the ultimate horse photography book". </ i>. It is a brilliant work, designed and produced in a brilliant way, which has recorded in colour photographs what other horse novels have previously done in the form of illustrations or descriptions. The colour photograph of the horse's foot makes what an incredible contrast to the line drawn on the different parts of the foot.

The presentation of the different races will use double-sided colour photographs containing inserts of photographs of the same horse to show different parts of the certificate. While this book uses the same base size and information layouts as The Complete Horse Book (LJ 10/15/91) published by Elwyn Edwards and Candida Geddes, the illustration alone is a good buy.

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