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Exceptional horse blankets

The Edinburgh Horse Rugs are manufactured specifically for the Australian climate, conditions and our unique management systems. The unique designs go well with the different colour palettes of your carpets, curtains, headboards, furniture and all other decor accessories. A unique horse gift for horse lovers. Items & Care;

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At Edgemere we know that horse blankets are one of the most important accessoires your horse can have. While your horse probably already has a whole coat of horse blankets, we have worked with our vendors to create this comprehensive line to get a good idea of what horse lovers want.

Edgemere horse blankets. Why buy an Edgemere horse blanket? Because we have a good rapport with our clients and vendors, have a look at our range of horse blankets and find the right one: the right one: for you: As we know, your horse needs to be protected from the mosquitoes and bugs that grow in the heat.

Outstanding advantages

The flexible cut-out adapts to the horse's form and adjusts easily so that the cover does not move. When it is locked, it remains in place when the horse is stretched in and out. Stretch waist and back legrests work in the same way. You cover the ceiling and then move your horse in all directions.

Our company is very proud to offer a very high value added products and a high level of after sales support. The use of the highest grade elasticized neck allows your horse to snuggle up while standing still while moving about.


Provides your horse with effective heat after being activated and ensures that it dries quickly. You can also use it to keep the horse hot during transport without overheating the horse due to its excellent wick characteristics. This also means that it is not susceptible to mold and decay like other carpets.

Its absorptive nature fibers make sure that the humidity quickly disappears from the carpet. A unique non-woven fabric made of high quality and unique antibacterial material to avoid odours, mildew and foul. It is available in one horse-sized and is suitable for small Arabian and Islanders.

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