United Mountain Horse Association

Vereinigtes Bergpferd Verband

The United Mountain Horse Association with Dr. John Park and Dr. Katie Lewis from Park Equine Hospital. Vereinte Bergpferde-Vereinigung: www.unitedmountainhorse.

org. Es ist die United Mountain Horse Association. The only thing we cannot do around the horses on the ground or in the saddle is to relax.

Mountain horse section

Now there are four Mountain Horse races, The Mountain Pleasure Horse Association, The Rocky Mountain Horse Association, The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and The Spotted Mountain Horse Association; all have registers established in Kentucky, U.S.A. All mountain horse races have primarily the same features and features, with the race difference being a genetical basis and a certain variety of registry and certifying requirements.

Its main features are: a medium-sized horse with soft spirit and simple handling, with a flat side four-stroke gear, which is a solitary leg or frame. As the horse travels, you can counter four different hoofbeats with the same rhythms, just like on a stroll. Every horse has its own pace and driving style, with an avarage of 7-20 mph.

A mountain horse usually has a firm colour with all colours, but the favourite of the group is a chocolaty colour with a flat or whitish head and a tail. Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association launched the Spotted Mountain Saddle Horse Association to incorporate mountain saddle horse with the same gaits and temperaments but with a wide range of colours and patches over the horse's torso.

Mountaineering is a very simple sport and can withstand winter with minimal protection. Races originate about 200 years ago from the mounds of Kentucky in the east. You could say they're a "do whatever you want, one horse." A mountain horse could haul a plough or a carriage, work livestock, be carried to a place for angling by a child or drive conveniently into the city.

They have a high level of naturally stamina. Due to their exceptional walking characteristics, a minimal amount of strength is needed for both horse and horseman. Nowadays the mountain horse is eaten as an amusement horse, trailer horse, tournament horse and perseverance horse. The only way you can make a profit is by getting to know this type of horse.

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