Unusual Horse Tack

Exceptional horse back

Explore ideas about Horse Tack. They' re both new & used English riding clothes for adults & children - including the hard-to-find & unusual.

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Beautiful feather and fringe from Wild Eye Ranch YES YMG OES

Beautiful fringed and fringed feathers and chest collarset. Om I was just sayingin it would be frightening to have an chest-like neck from India! Used to be a rein horse! reddish headstand colored headstand colored black and yellow (I really like the pen intonation!). HORSE BRONZEUM HORSE FRINGES HEADPIECE CHEST PIECE.....

Navajo vintage headjoint with nibs and fitting Turkish stone. Embroidered headpiece of the conch westerns! The Heritage Brand range includes headpieces, necklaces, halter and accessoires for the horse and the horse riding world. Puppy, I found your seat when we got ponies, hon. Pearl headpiece horse neck by CA Clazzy Beadz.

Limited Edition Showman Edition spring fringes headpiece and chest neck kit with jewel-set browning and accentuated metal bronce fringes and hand-painted metal feathers. Nice horse neckband in the Lone Star Country Store. Our best-selling tack kit is a favourite among drum racing.

Anything like too much stickiness? Foxy-filly: The Selle Ailée by Hermès Alas, just a small ornamental painting, but think of it on a horse.... and turn it immediately into Pegasus! Westerns Dove Arrow and fringe tack set; The Fring! The Want This breastfed Collar soooooooo bath!

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