Used all Purpose English Saddles

English used general purpose saddles

The Trumbull Mountain Tack Shop offers used all purpose saddles for sale. Taste the quality brand saddles from leading saddleries like Wintec, Passier, Stubben, Kieffer, Bates, Pessoa and many others. Which type of English saddle are you interested in? Our saddles are close contact saddles, all-purpose saddles, dressage saddles and cutback saddles.

All Purpose Bates English Horse Saddle for Sale

The EUC Bates Poniesattel. Fully reclineable fitting with AAIR cushions and simple interchangeable fitting for a perfectly fitting your piano to maximise throughput. 16 " sit. That was a great little nut, but unfortunately it is no longer needed in my shed. 16,5" Sit - Tree - Adjustable joystick, seams and good quality leathers.

In good condition.

All-purpose saddles

All-purpose saddles are conceived in such a way that they can be used for what they say - for all English equestrian use. The saddles allow the horse to perform flat work, skip a fence or ride trails, all in the same seat. That is achieved by a nut which is a mean between the narrow seat or the horse seat.

It is not quite as erect and low as a horse carriage but not as forward as a narrow seat. The all-purpose saddles in the English design also allow a wide range of temple length as well as slightly longer bolt bands. Take a look at our full range of English saddles to meet your needs.

Western Store J & B

An 18 " English nut is available. These saddles are used and show signs of normal usage that you would normally find on a used one. These saddles have a 15.5" long key, measuring from the handle and 14" broad. Leather and 4,75" Cliff Barnsby 18" English dressage seat are used in this set - extra nice condition!

These saddles are used and show signs of normal usage on a used seat, but are otherwise in good condition. Before ordering, please look at the images of the saddles thoroughly. Kaktus Sattlerei 15" Turquoise Barrel Nut #552916 Used 3 times Great Shaped Full Horse Bar.

16.5" to 18" wide general purpose saddle 021

When you are a horseman looking for a seat that can perform in several events, this is your seat. Wintec 500 All Purpose Wide Saddle provides unparalleled ride quality for a broad ride. Featuring functions that revolutionise English driving, such as an ergonomic handlebar, adjustable Y-girder and Flexibloc system, this seat is immediately operational!

Excellent fitting, traction and stiffness are part of every Vintec seat, and there is no excuse for the Vintec 500 Wide All Purpose Saddle.

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