Used Courbette Saddles for Sale

Secondhand Courbette saddles for sale

I' ve got two Courbette saddles right now. Both an Alpina and a Futura were used for shopping. They have offered some excellent prices on their Web Sale saddle for the last few years.

All Purpose Courbette English Horse Saddle for sale

Handmade on Courbette's featherwood " featherwood " with semi-cut heads. It has a pleasant "burglary feeling" and is very easy to use. New Courbette Vision rare nut. Handmade on Courbette's featherwood " featherwood " with semi-cut heads. These saddles are perfect for turning around in either dark or dark colours.

Every seat has a different shape and shape. 17 " Courbette Husar All Purpose English Sattel. It'?s a sturdy older seat. These saddles have lead-cushions. That'?s a great seat! These saddles have little abrasion and are a good choice for those who want to take the next steps in their equestrian careers.

17 " Courbette all-purpose caliper 32 cm boom, 17" seat, Pandur specialty. Barber bronze with Courbette leather and iron. Feather boom, softer driver's cab. Deployed between 1993 - 1998. Excellent state of repair 18" used Courbette nut. Timber of medium height. "5 "5" Courbette Vision nice all-purpose caliper. The clubs are all in excellent shape.

A slightly used semitrailer tailor-made for a 17.1 cm high wilted sire. Small size trees, more photos on demand. The Corbette Husar All Purpose saddle, 17" However, the boom is in good condition and there are no larger cracks in the hide or seam issues. 17 Courbette Pandur Special.

"5 "5" middle wide British all purposes semitrailer. These were obtained from a real property sale and I don't know much about saddles besides the search on the web. Sitting size is 17.5". Be sure to check all photographs thoroughly for detail and state. These saddles are for sale as is, without return, so it is very important to ask any question before buying.

Middle treed all purposes semitrailer in good state. Also a brandnew all purposes riding mat in Mist Green. Courbette nut very well maintained. Schaumstoffplatten, beautiful, deeply grip fit from moose skin. I would say this is a mid-size or mid-size small trunk, perfectly suited for a TB or warmblood. Used Courbette Admiral English nut to sell, carefully used.

Stapes are not shown in the photos, but are included, they are currently on another type of harness. 17 " Courbette nut in perfect state! Seventeen inches sitting, 32 cm tall trees. Supplied with suitable skins, iron and rug (pictured). This is a great piece of high grade suede riding equipment, but it doesn't match my horses.

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