Used Cowboy Saddles for Sale

Cowboy saddles for sale

AS THE NEW BILLY COOK SHOW SADDLE. Acoustic saddles Large selection of used acoustic saddles for sale. Handcrafted cowboy saddle from JR Sparks Used. The Western Store, the home of Saddle City, offers quality saddles at affordable prices. I'm selling this for my girlfriend who used to drive Arab Endurance.

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Receive a notification with the latest adverts for "Used Westernsattel" in Alberta. Westerns Alamo around the saddle. Extremely comfy 15 in. fit, 7 in. throat, woodruff. It has only been used twice and is in perfect working order. 2 saddles had to be sold completely with rugs, rein, reins, bridle and bent parts.

$1,000 1 nut is 16 and the other is 17.5. Used 1 nut hardly, the other like new..... Westernsattel in good used state, 14" fit, 6 1/2" oesophagus, very convenient riding bike with 500 $ 14" older Westernsattel in good state, without a stapes hanger, massive 6 " boom, 6" seats, 6 1/2" oesophagus, very good riding bike with 500 $ 14" older Westernsattel in good state, without a stapes hide, massive 6.....

I' ve got a thin, contoured westernsaddle. A 1/2 in. shaped punch with an inner side of sweat. To be used for a few month. Sydney Saddleworks Australian-Western is for sale. 18 " fit, 7.5 " esophagus. Hardly used. It is a very solid and comfortably constructed semitrailer at a reasonable cost.

Universal use cotton/fleece, full sized in good shape with slight dyeing on the cottonside. 8 double-sided full sized universal flex pullover ( used with 17.5" GP saddle). Nice state $8 ..... Westernsattel with quadratic rock, which offers a large footprint and support, making this shoe perfect for large, rimmed, broad horse with low aters.

Manufactured from robust, smooth, open-pored Nubuck.... 15" Pleasure Saddle. Westerns Winnipeg Canada brandawhide. Maybe three used. As new. Raw leather westerns for sale. Seven inches esophagus. It was purchased two years ago, but only used a fistful more. It' very comfortable seat, but we are having a little kid, so we are....

Used saddles - Used westernsaddles

Once in the back but never in the car. Sold as used, but virtually new. Good job tack, no badge. Roughen the seats. 15 " beautiful high incline front seats fromDEEP. Really help to keep the driver in the car. Light weight is about 17 pounds (estimated) Sattel is manufactured like the Fabtron saddles which have partial leathers and partial cordura (nylon material). This sadtel is manufactured by Circle C upholstery.

A few cosmetical problems - area as seen in the 2. image, which had some damaged leathers, but nothing that could hurt the nut - some areas where the paint was scraped from the nut. Estimated shipment at about 22 lbs with .... morepacking- will be sent via US mail, so about 10 working day are needed for it.

If possible, I pack all articles in one parcel and then calculate the real delivery fee. Western Simco Bugstitch 15. "5 "5" fit shows little signs of abrasion. Beautiful looking and in very good shape nut, all around sturdy nut with beautiful box stitch skin and good underpadding.

SHIPMENT: Articles will be shipped within three (3) business day after acceptance and clarification of your purchase. To the best of our knowledge and belief, these points are described. Every article is as it is! He never ridden the horse, purchased it, and he just did time. Got trailer slide stapes on it. Good to see you, Mr. Perseverance.

Excellent workmanship, older nut with little use. I used to pull out show ponies for quick mints. Refer to images for esophagus measurement; used for Morgans. 16 Zoll Park Sattel from Circle Y. In good conditions, except the bugle. H&H Saddlery used H&H Saddlery trailer seat - Handmade in the U.S. A Seat 17 sized "SQHB - 7" Oesophagus (see photo with ribbon) 27" Rock, weight 24 pounds with metal mountings, not too big for the seat of this sizes Good state, well groomed, hardly any scratch - few places where it looks as if the colour has disappeared and lacks a Silberconcho, as shown.

As new black 18" leather 18 " leather caliper ausstralischer caliper with leather. Was only used a few occasions because I had to resell my steed. Just the nut would make $300.00 worth of sale. For sale is this very carefully used windscreen with 17 " seats Australia Ausdauersattel used. Used a few saddles, never misused.

I' ve got a felt seat with me that I never used. It may be useful for you, but I don't need it and it's not hard enough to distort the packet mass. 15.5 in. boxes with Bier Edition seat microphone. Nice full tool on the seat. Uh, I used this nut as a course.

It'?s too good for a nut to ever misuse. I kept it in an almost as good as new state, always cleaned and oiled when necessary. It comes with a full-featured chest neck and Professional's Choice SMX My Back Brace, a great extra padding for your horses when there is a handlebar at the end of your cable.

"This auction is available for a beautiful Western Natural Leather Hand Carved Roper Ranch Saddle with string and circumference special order matched tackle at an accessible retail value of $79. Leather 2. 16 " Sizes 3. Hand Tools & Carved 4. Stainless Steel Fittings 5. Hard Seat Leather 6.

Dispatch guidelines for glass fibre trees: ....ore1. In case you are not happy with the product, please send the product back to us in its natural packaging and we will reimburse you the amount of the sale minus shipment 2. If the product is sent back after 14 ebay sales you will only be refunded in the form of home credits where you can trade it for another item but would have to foot the bill for shipment 3.

Every purchase used for your own use will not be credited ("It should be an honest return if it does not suit your tastes, colour or if it does not suit your horse). Import duties and guidelines: Paypal Only Buy your order via Paypal Only Buy Shipping: Combined delivery is available for repeat orders.

Each additional buy would be $12. 99 for each single article purchased, so for example, if you buy 3 headpieces, you would be paying the initial shipment of $15. 99 and $12. 99 thereafter for each single buy. And if the sale is 10+ shipment would be $100 $t. Feedback "Look Forward to Gain You as a Happy Customer For Life" Very beautiful used 16" calf saddle from 4T Saddlery in Ben Wheeler, Texas.

Sattel is in very good state. It has a good quality non-woven, good tone boom and bugle. Those saddles are running around $1400 new. Sattel weights about 45 pounds. RETAIL PRICE~ BEST YOU'LL EVER GET! GET MEET "ELEANOR", a STELE WEESTERN WIDESADDLE. It'?s a used seat, in show form, riding order.

These saddles are made of a hundred oak trees and are ideal for representation in the west. It' also tough enough for true ranching work, (not abseiling). This nut is 21 inch long, gauged the "US way" from the top of the knob to the mantle. 8 " between the plates at the ends (inside dimension) This nut consists of a wood boom which is not strengthened for jump, but it is a stable nut.

It' a massively constructed west stern. It can be used for the trails where there are small step-overs, or trails where there is a hops logging. Well, the seating is generous broad, 14"! It has a low enough incision to remove the back and hold the nut from your horse's back.

It is upholstered with woollen felt to increase your comforts. Because it' hard to send, I don't accept return shipments on this bike. I' ll send this bike all over the world, but it will be costly. That' the Steele nut from the beginning. It'?s a fantastic nut. It' just too broad for my painting horse, I would use it as a trailer semitrailer because it drives so well.

Beautiful limette saddlebag. Ideal for cleaning or wearing saddles. Used only once and has some dark spots. Showsaddle This is a very sweet and eye-catching nut! These saddles have a fully flowered finish and a cushioned fit. Approx. 32lb Gullet: 6" Mid-Concho to Mid-Concho Ready sitting size: 15" Skirt length: 26. 5" Tree size: 15. 5" Welcome to our shipping department of Jim Goodall Equipment Sales.

This Gearbags offers... read onGreat useful power at a good value. 1' 1/4" cable opening in cover, high pressure zip, belt loop for additional snap hooks, outside pocket, cover cap keep away dust and moisture, air vent panel with zip, belt gap for tools clip Article#bag231&bag233 should hold belts 120' 1/2" cable plus seat. Spare rails, used skid steer loaders, mini excavators, trench excavators, used booms, used telescopic handlers, scissor lifts, cross-country scissor lifts, trailers, mini skid steer loaders, seller:

Used Syergist trailer that is in good shape and working well. Featuring a buckskin fit, plain cowhide leathers and an England styled tackle. Approx. 26 pounds Oesophagus: 7" center conch to center conch Ready made fit Size: 15" Rock length: 22". Size: 15. 5" Used, but in good state. Only used for display.

Keeped in a stitched saddlebag inside in winter. Buckskin riding chair in buckskin. They are all in good state. Roping Teskeys Roping saddle 15" Rooper Softly Used Custom Model Nice d'occasion Teskeys ros. It' got a 15" sit, 26" rock, 3 1/2" coat, 7" throat, full qh bars. Yeah. Sturdy and in perfect shape.

20% storage charge on all saddles. When you have more than one product to purchase, you will receive a combination shipment rebate. IMPORTANT Specify a geographical adress for UPS shipment. It was kept in a saddlecloth in my home. Five-seater. I will gladly reimburse you if there is less shipment.

THE LAST OPPORTUNITY FOR THIS BIKE. This is a beautiful used westernsaddle manufacturer called Circle Y. This is a single owned one. It has a low fit similar to the running caliper fit. These saddles are still in good, very good working order. Actually, I used new cleaning and conditioning products on the horse back shortly before I took photos today.

Better to clean, but all the leathers are smooth ("not dry")... The moreseate from the back of the horns to the edges of the Cantle is about 13 inch. This number is embossed in the lower part of the lower rock 2303 3 78 6288 under the mudguard on the lower part. Upper side of the bugle is loosened.

It'?s not the bugle, it's the hide. Caliper shows signs of abrasion. It' been used, but not misused. These saddles were used on a bigger horse (not on a pony). Please note the images for the dimensions. You have to pay for all articles within 72 hrs after the end of the auction, otherwise the article will be discontinued.

We sell all our products as they are. Please note that I am combining the delivery charges for articles bought several times. In case you have more than 1 of my auction within the same 3 days timeframe, I will add the postage and packaging charges (except saddles 1 per box). Thank you for displaying my offers.

Used Syngergist trailer Sattel, which is in good state. There is a woollen padded chair, a brief coat and an anglistyle tackle. Approx. 27 pounds Oesophagus: 7. 5" Mid-Concho to Mi-Concho Ready sitting size: 15. 5" Rock length: 21" Tree size: 16". INTAGE FLEXIBLE intage flexible plastics saddles for my models horses i am not safe for which horses these saddles are, please consult photographs for large or e-mail with all questions, the action closes both saddles as well as accessory e ears and all questions.

I' M IN THE PROCESS OF ADDING OTHER UNIQUE ARTICLES FROM THIS SALE. I' M ALWAYS GLAD TO BE ABLE TO COMBINE YOUR SHOPPING TO SAVE YOU MONEY ON POSTAGE. Quickly and easily enumerate your articles and administer your current articles. 160, size: 8. 5 x 11 inch. Embark on an adventurous journey with Hartland Plastics horses and riding kits.

If you like horse riding, collecting gadgets, toy, model horse, tv souvenirs or souvenirs from the West or just want to remember the times when the hero was a good rider, this books will make youmile. THEY bid on a beautiful copy of A. 1956 NabiscoRin Tin-Tin Map Westernsaddles A genuine beautiful copy for your collection.

Quickly and easily enumerate your articles and administer your current articles. It is a classic catalogue of saddles. It' labeled O.J. SNYDER SADDLERY. There are several pages with Crockett Spurs, Snyder Saddles and many other twists. It' s covered with tape on the side, but is still in a good state. Quickly and easily enumerate your articles and administer your current articles.


1951'52 66 pages autumn and winter 152 66 pages west clothing / some colour images, but most are in black-and-white/rib on the front cover (see below links on picture 1) and the page one starts on page 3/ The pages are neat and easy to view, with no cracks or fissures seen Thank you for searching and please check out my other articles.

VINYLAGE CATALOGUE FRED MUELLER SADDLES & RANCHWEAR. EXCELLENT VERY GOOD INSIDE AND BACKING STATE. Unpublished illustrative book about ancient saddles. Spores and other occidental equipment Dan& Sebie Hutchins: Cowboy saddles & spurs: Detailed illustration of the US manufacturers of saddles, cowboy equipment and spores in the nineteenth and twentieth century.

Below you will find an on-going listing of old saddler and sport manufacturers as well as some current manufacturers. Also of interest are numerous replicas of ads and catalogue pages of former saddlers and athletes as well as of manufacturers of cowboy shoes, caps, riding equipment and the like.

Please note my other sales offers for old fashioned book, photographs, works of art, as well as historic and promotional souvenirs, please see my other sales offers. A great look back at the prizes and articles offered for sale. Consisting of an 1958 "SILVER SPUR" stock of accessories and a Fort Worth west wearing catalogue (No. 2).

There are 66 pages of equestrian equipment, clothing, boot and more. 17 pages with only saddles. It'?s in very good state. Note that our images may have minor colour deviations from the real item (caused by our cameras and/or your computer monitor). We are not expert in the products we are selling.

SHIPMENT: MULTIPLE FOR OUTSIDE multiple for outside U.s. wA state shipments, inhabitants must pay 8.7% VAT. Pay a combination fee for... more than all your articles. Fees and Taxes are not part of the article prices or shipment costs. No goods value is identified below value or articles are identified as "gifts" that are prohibited by U.S. and foreign federal and state laws.

Buy this item for a very special and original vinyl cowboy pattern. The house is in very good old style and in very good working order.

The only thing you need is a beautiful shadow and you've bought a great, unique Western Decor lamp! Shipment cited for the lower 48 states. Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Hawaii Please mail me for a quotation. Except for the articles mentioned, which are sent by Post First Class Mail, which travels without insurance at the buyer's own expense, all consignments are covered by insurance.

DAVE JONES FOR THE MANUFACTURE AND REPAIR OF WESTERNSADDLES. IN VERY GOOD MODE. TO SEE MY OTHER ONE MAKING SADDLES BOOK! Shipment costs include shipment tracing. Quickly and easily enumerate your articles and administer your current articles. Westernsaddles How to fit: It has been said that a cowboy in a lifetime only needs a horses and his seat.

Maybe it's because his nut goes well with his steed. Dr. Joyce Harman, vet and acclaimed nutfitting expert, points out in this video that a good nut snug-fitting is not determined by a particular shoe type, make or cost, but by its design, shape and feel. They also explain how a thoroughbred will actually trim more effectively, rope more tightly, continue to ride and stay healthy longer if his back is built to his physique and his back works properly.

What the nut is important for both horses and riders - Westernsattelbewertung. Occasionally on the mount - Making sure the seat matches the individual riding - Correct use of padding - Adaptation to conformant challenge DR. An alumnus of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, has given a lecture on the subject... more of Sattel suitably performed at various equestrian exhibitions in the USA, England and Germany.

Specialist in seat adjustment, this DVD shows her knowledge of saddles on a small display.

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