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Second-hand Custom Western saddles

Saddles Cut, Ranch Cutter Saddles, Cow Horse Saddles, We've gone one step further by presenting eBay's huge selection of used saddles in a custom store designed by equestrians for equestrians. Custom Vintage used Hereford Pleasure Saddle. Unusual, extra large Western Horse leather saddlebags.

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J. I want this seat. J. Stead Sattel Co. I adore these skyshorse seat styles. SaddleOnline Inc., Illinois, USA, offers high end western saddles, British saddles, equestrian saddles, horse saddles and pony saddles for purchase to complement My Dream horse with a beautiful and beautiful seat.

  • Western Saddles - Round Skirt Saddles from SaddleOnline Inc. in Illinois, USA, offers high end Western Saddles, British Saddles, Equine Saddles, Horse Saddles, Neck Saddles and Pony Saddles for purchase. Buy saddles too. Individual saddles, silvery halter and clasps for decorations.

Instructions for the purchase of used saddles part 2

Here is the second part of our guide to the purchase of used saddles, and in this section we will be discussing the price structures of the different kinds of used saddles on the open road. Trophies saddles are less valuable due to oversupply. The reason why custom saddles are still valuable when used.

Stay away from tackle auction and imported saddles. Trophies were a destination for many participants years ago and they were very proud to win one of these prizes. Nowadays with the plethora of horseback saddles available in this land, trophies are almost a comfort money and often the participant would simply rather have the money than another one that he won't use.

Trophies saddles have deteriorated in the last 30 years and their reputations are no longer what they used to be. As the number of small federations organizing serial semi-trailer shows with a tight schedule has increased, we have seen many new manufacturers come onto the scene who are able to meet this need for affordable trophies.

We have seen with this enquiry for them and the intensified competitive environment in the field how even high end producers of saddles are pushing their inferior trophies ranges into the industrial sector to hold their own against the competitive environment. Unfortunately, some of the low costs production process used have slipped into their regular, non-trophy saddles, blurring the gap between the two grades.

Trophies saddles are a large part of the used horse riding equipment industry as the number of used saddles awarded at roping, cutting, amateur rodeo and other equestrian competitions is very high. A lot of the time you can get a great deal very much on a decent saddle becuase the one who sells the saddle didn't really have to actually pay for it.

Often these people have no intention of using the horse and just want the money they can get for it. When looking at the buy of a Trophiesaddle, I would suggest that you stick to a trade name that you recognise and type in the buy, as you know that the cost of the seat should not be very high.

One thing that should be remembered here is that the seat was designed for a club to give away as a gift, and one cannot therefore hope that it will be of great value. Some good businesses out there are making a good looking piece for these shows, but I would suggest a piece from a firm that is really not known for making many trophies.

However, a business that mainly makes a top of the range item and sometimes makes trophies saddles for a few selected occasions is less likely to have a bad image associated with its awards saddles. If you are dealing with non-trophy saddles, saddles made by well-known manufacturers are more secure than an unfamiliar or non-marked one.

So many saddles are now being made by new makers, and that's not to say they're of poor workmanship, but if you haven't done the research, then I suggest you stick with a name you can rely on and which has seen performance. Purchasing a used seat with a well known name has the advantage that the purchaser is able to get in touch with the business and get more information about the seat and possible Warranties.

In this way you can also learn about the story of the organisation and its people. Some of the oldest makers of saddles in the UK have excellent levels of support and can give you some good information about the type of bike you are interested in. Having unfamiliar or new to the games manufacturer, you don't have much story on them and their support staff will be difficult to tell if the enterprise won't be in business next year...what a great deal will happen.

Lots of producers come and go, so just pay attention to the make and the business. To say nothing of the fact that there are many "American" makers of saddles who mount the saddles here, but most of the work is done outside the country...or even worst, they are entirely made and dispatched from the states.

When you see a name on a used 1985 seat and it still builds new saddles in 2016, that means something. Your level of service may have decreased over the years, but they are still in the shop and at least you can speak to someone who knows the products and can help you with your purchases.

Making the call to the firm and figuring out the costs of a similar saddle will give you an idea to the value of the nut you are considering to buy. State of the seat. Old nut. Favourability or value of the product. This information should enable you to make an informed valuation of the value of the saddles used and then determine whether the sale is within your own bud.

The reason why custom saddles are still valuable when used. We are now entering customer-specific saddles on the second-hand aftermarket. It can be a little difficult to browse this area, but with a little bit of patient research you can usually make a good buy. These saddles will often achieve a much higher cost, but the value and value of these saddles are generally much higher.

It has to do with what's on the shelves. As a rule, a tailor-made saddler who builds 15-25 saddles per year will not have many on the used equipment out there. These manufacturers usually build one or two saddles at a given moment for a particular customer, and generally the customer never sells them.

For this reason, there are few saddles buy the manufacturer that is offered for sale on the open air market. One of the greatest advantages of purchasing a used custom seat is that it is profitable to repair it. As a rule, the nut is very high grade in the material used and the wood is, more often than not, very suitable and structural solid and sturdy.

I' ve seen 40 year old custom saddles that we have repaired extensively and when the bike was ready it was good for another 20 years. When it comes to buying used custom saddles, the most difficult thing is the manufacturer's approval. Compared to the whole western riding equipment business, many custom builders have a small fan base, so knowledge of the name may or may not be important when it comes to choosing its value.

Which is the prime riding type for which they are best known. Some manufacturers give a lifelong guarantee on their saddles. The number of saddles they made. When they know the nut you are looking at and what they think, it can be rewarded.

I' ve seen some really great custom saddles being sold for far too low cost because the one who sells it had no clue what the value was and to them it was just another saddle. Here are some really great custom saddles that are sold for far too low cost because the one who sells it had no clue what the value was and to them it was just another one. Quite the opposite, I have also seen too high a price for saddles from a manufacturer who only made ten saddles, but since it was a custom, they appreciated it highly.

Make the research and after the visit to the manufacturer ask for three clients who ride their saddles, who you can call to get their opinions about their work. Many will have no trouble giving you this so that you can become one of their clients. Stay away from tackle auction and imported saddles.

One of the largest categories of saddles to avoid are imported saddles, which are the hottest iron at the feared travel baguctions. Those tackle auction come to your city about once or twice a year and sell imported saddles and tackle this limit at a perilous level of poor grade.

Imported saddles have caused my clients to pay my clients several hundred dollar for repairs due to bad workmanship and the absence of good equine adjustment methods. One of the lousiest occasions for you to lose cash on a buy is on websites like ebay where these saddles are also on sale.

Saddles are available at a great value and when you get them, they don't match your riding and sometimes they even miss essential parts such as fixtures (seriously... I've seen them without fixtures or attachments to your horse). A lot of time after the sale is completed and the seat is shipped or you come home, try calling the firm to make a complaint or get your cash back, and the telephone number will be segregated.

Keep away from all imported saddles and tackle sales. The saddles are manufactured in lands that have no idea about the professional equestrian environment and how to properly adapt your saddle. If the travel sale arrives in the city where my workshop is situated, it will be about 6 month later and my repairs store is growing rapidly.

Even though I relish the additional cost of repairs, I don't like it when folks put a lot of cash into saddles that aren't really good enough to be repaired. Often these saddles are not repairable.... in the industrial world they are called "disposable saddles". It is my proposal to keep away from these saddles at all time, regardless of your driving ability or driving style.

Saving your cash and staying away... every single one. Purchasing used saddles can be difficult to negotiate, but after some training and practise, you can get to grips with the basics so that you can make a good buy and keep to your budgets. Keep in mind that the first thing to do with any buy is to know exactly what you are purchasing and not get riddle bug and buy the first thing you find.

To most people, whether they buy or sell, the price of saddles is rather a moist fingers in the breeze type of mathematics. Take some research and design to get the better of you and you will find the right seat for your programme.

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