Used Cutting Horse Saddles for Sale

Second-hand cutting horse saddles for sale

Jeff Smith is in an excellent condition. Saddlesmith from Texas has a new cutting saddle. A great cutting saddle that has been used in several championships. This saddle was sold about one and a half years ago to a friend of ours who is a cutting horse trainer. Visit any major horse show in the country or around the world and you'll see some of the best professionals in the industry on a Sean Ryon saddle.

Cut saddles

The LAST CHANCE - Weekend Saddle Sale ends this evening. With the voucher TM3P you get a rebate on everything else + Free Sattelieferdienst! If you are an advanced NCHA champ or a beginner training in your horse, we have a good range of cutting saddles for your horse. The majority of chairs are more flat and have a slightly ascending knob.

If your horse makes these incisions, you want a good fit made of buckskin, rough jockeys and wings to help keep you in place. Pay attention to strengthened rigging and strengthened leathers on other skirts. 3. Contact our expert saddlers at 1.866.880.2121 to talk about your next cutting tool purchases.

Knife nut

NICE RIG!s Martin Cutting Nut 15 1/2" light used NICE RIG!s Just like the new Dale Martin Cutting / Cow Horse Caliper. It has a 15 1/2" sitting position, 28" rock, 3" bowline, 7" gulet, full Qh bar. 20% storage charge on all saddles. The Dale Martin Cutting Knife Caliper 16" Easily used Older easily used DALE MARTIN handmade cutting knife.

She has a 16" sit, 28" rock, 3" coat, 6 1/2" esophagus, full qh sticks and weights about 36 lbs. More payment 20% Re-stocking charge on all saddles. New, completely tidy and clean RANCH CUTTING SHADDLE. Weigth: 37 lbsGullet: 7. 5" mid koncho to mid koncho Finisher seat: 15. 5 "Tree Size: 16".


It'?s a used seat, in show form, riding condition. These saddles are made of a hundred oak trees and are ideal for representation in the west. It' also tough enough for true ranching work, (not abseiling). This nut is 21 inch long, gauged the "US way" from the top of the knob to the mantle.

Width of the trees is XW. 8 " between the plates at the ends (inside dimension) This nut consists of a wood boom which is not strengthened for jump, but it is a stable nut. It' a massively constructed west stern. It can be used for the trails where there are small step-overs, or trails where there is a hops logging.

Well, the seating is generous broad, 14"! It has a low enough incision to remove the back and hold the nut from your horse's back. It is upholstered with woollen felt to increase your comforts. Because it' hard to send, I don't accept return shipments on this bike. I' ll send this bike all over the world, but it will be costly.

That' the Steele nut from the beginning. It'?s a fantastic nut. It' just too broad for my painting horse, I would use it as a trailer seat because it drives so well. Cactus Saddlery's Roping Nut is a great nut to do all of your ranching and cutting work.

Grab this nut and be comfortably all the time. SaddleThis Ranch Cutting is a nice nut. These saddles have a rough seating yockey, fender and seating. he tool on this nut is a wacky bone and razorback. Approx. 37 lbsGullet: 6. 5" mid-concho to mid condensedFinished Sit size: 16. 5 "Skirt length: 28 "Tree Size: 17".

Cutting Caliper New Rico ranch cutting caliper. It is a very sturdy semi caliper with coarse fit and mudguards and beautiful equipment. Approx. 37lb Gullet: 7. 5" Mid-Concho to Mid-Concho Ready sitting size: 15" Skirt length: 27 1/4" Tree size: 15. 5" Cutting Ranch Saddle Nice brandnew Diamond D Saddlery ranch cutting nut.

It' got a raw, tough fit, yockeys and wings. Approx. 38 pounds Oesophagus: 7. 5" center conch to center conch Ready size: 16". Rock length: 27 3/4" Tree size: 16. 5" Ranch Cutting Saddle Nice new HR ranch cutting nut with coarse fit, yockeys and wings. Approx. 34 pounds Esophagus: 7" center conch to center conch measurement Ready sitting size: 15" Rock length: 27".

Treesize: 15. 5" Ranch Cutting saddle This nut is sound in terms of build aesthetics and superb craftsmanship. It has a rough and tough fit with matching rough mudguards. It comes with a backcinch and tools for snowflakes. Approx. 39 Ibs Gullet: 7" Mid-Concho to Medium-ConchoFinished Seat Size: 15 "Skirt Length: 27 "Tree Size: 15. 5" The Fabtron Cross Trail Saddle is a trailer semitrailer for Westerns & English Riders.

Developed for the comforts of horse and rider, premium U.S. steering leathers, a tried and tested Ralide tree and light weight design make Cross Trail saddles a true first. Featuring tightly tailored styles for refrigeration, cushioned rods lined with high grade leathers, high-grade SS and screw pegs, 7" studs and brass-studs, tail strap pees and nut cords - make this saddle... make Morea the premium nut for the demanding horseman.

16" Apache headquarters. Big boom. Topeka's 1651 Flex2 is a good option for a trailer semitrailer and a favourite among trails. With the 3-way rig you can select which rig positions best suit your horse. The foam in the seats ensures that you feel good in the saddle all day long. Perfectly matched riding mat, fully skirted and trimmed with leather to match, it rounds off a rolled up look for your horse.

Avaiable with round coat as 1554 Omaha. Flexy2 Three Technology Flexy for Horse Light for Riders: The back of a horse is the same as the back of a horse Flexy2 aprons have a shock-absorbing wetsuit fountain pen for the horse â??s and riderâ??s comforts Original Circle Y Flexible2 saddles are designed for perfect conformability, weighing and wearing comfort Tunnel Skirtâ" Design cuts the friction on the horseâ??s straight and narrow lower back.

Rock size: 14" Horn size: 3-1/4" Neck, 1-7/8" Cap. This product is available for prior sale at our retail store in Lennon, Michigan and on our website. The WEIRE HORSE12500 Corunna RoadLennon, Michigan 48449 Paypal is used for the PAYMENTlease paypal payments. Thank you for buying with us at THE WIRE HORSE!

Do not return objects of the auctions, used or consigned goods. ÜBER USThe Wire Horse is a range of family-owned and operated horse riding gear that offers a complete line of horse and equestrian apparel, gear and accessories. Proud to be authorised distributors for the industry's top names such as Ariat, Justin Boot Co, Dan Post, Hobby Horse, Cruel Girl, Wrangler, Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware, Tucker Saddles, Circle Y, Montana Silver, Bailey, Devonaire, Weatherbeeta and many, many more.

src=" gif" border="0"> 16" Sit Wide Flex2 Walnut The 1554 Omaha Flex2 is a good fit for a nut and a favourite among trailers. With the 3-way rig, you can select the rig that best fits your horse. Fitted with a Foamâ " insert in the backrest, the Foam â " ensures that you feel good in the back all the time.

It is available in normal or broad width. Perfectly matched with the round rock form and leather trim, the horse mattress rounds off the rolled up look for your horse. Avaiable with fullskirt as 1651 Topeka. Flexi2 Tri ve Technology Flexibe for Horse Light for Riders: The back of a horse Flexi aprons have a shock-absorbing wetsuit padding for the horse and the riderâ??s comforts. The Original Circle Y Flexi saddles are engineered for the fit, construction and extra comforts. Tunnel Skirtâ" design eliminate the spinal pressures on the horseâ??s back as they are available in our retail store in Lennon, Michigan and Michigan.

The WIRE HORSE12500 Corunna RoadLennon, Michigan 48449 Paypal is used for the PayPal payments. Thank you for buying with us at THE WIRE HORSE! Do not return objects of the auctions, used or consigned goods. Send an e-mail or call us to receive a return authorization number ABOUT USTHE Wire Horse. The Wire Horse is a full line of clothes, gear and accessories for horse and equestrian use.

Proud to be authorised distributors for the industry's top names such as Ariat, Justin Boot Co, Dan Post, Hobby Horse, Cruel Girl, Wrangler, Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware, Tucker Saddles, Circle Y, Montana Silver, Bailey, Devonaire, Weatherbeeta and many, many more. Cleaning/Cutting Nut used circle Y Cleaning/Cutting Nut in good working order and in good working order.

Approx. 33 pounds Gullet: 7 3/4" Center conch to center conch Finish fit size: 14. 5" Skirt length: 26. 5" Tree size: 15" This is a beautifully used Billy Cook west cutting caliper. It' got a 15-inch fit with an 8-inch cannula. These saddles were made in Gainesville. These saddles have been well maintained.

Doesn't even look like it was on a horse. It' made by Teddy Wicks Saddlery. It'?s a cutting nut. However, it could be used for a number of things such as traileriding. It'?s a 16" chair. Wickerwork of cowhide fabric on rock, cape and swell.

BEAUTIFUL NUT HING IN EXCELLENT STATE! 17 " Roo Hide Sattel with the originals stapes. That'?s convenient. Handmade cutting caliper is made by Whitman Saddles. It' got a 16 1/4 in. Hartsitz. Tough fit, jokes and mudguards are raw. Most of the nut is made of plain cowhide with steel bar.

It has a total length of about 28 1/2 inch. These saddles have a Cowboy hood, genuine woolen and a stirrup made of raw leather. Well, this seat's really good. When you need a second nut, it's a whole bunch of nut for the cash. Horns and trees are close together. Made by Ron Clark in Kerman.

It' s made of plain cowhide with a 17 1/2 in. tough fit. Semitrailer has panel suspension, rotated shackle straps, new aluminium engraving, low bottom shackle, rear chord, but no front circumference. Horns and trees are close together. It' got nice sterling plates on the sides of the pamela. Genuine wools are in very good shape, as is the remainder of the nut.

When you come from CA, you probably know more about these saddles than we do. Judging it and it looks like a 16 3/4" fit, but I'm sure it's probably a 16 1/2 or 17, but I don't want to set it either.

It is a very convenient seat, you will not be disillusioned. If you know of these saddles, the new ones are well over $4000. This is a good handcrafted Billy Cook nut, back when he was a distinguished manufacturer, and in Greenville Texas. These saddles are in good working order.

It is a massive forest and the food is good, but it has a small naked area in the front and on the front side on the right. It' got a 15 1/2" fit with a 3" coat. It is a great and difficult to find nut from a well-known Texan manufacturer, so don't miss it!

Send us an e-mail with all your queries and have a look at our other auction to find more handcrafted Sporen saddle clamps and other genuine cowboys with equipment! Call 1-800-792-7620 or visit our store (Texas Ranch Outfitters) in Emory Texas for more information. Well over 200 saddles in store and hundred of handcrafted bit and... sayings... easy to use cutting horse trainers.

Filled cows travel on wires controlled by computer-generated programmes and move n-n-shaped through the stadium to help train cutting horses: wires, belt wheels, boxes, filled cows, instructions, manual controls, all contained in this pack. a jerry formula cutting saddle with cumped seats to measure. $3200 new.

USED ONLY A FEW TIMES. BEAUTIFUL, WELL MADE NUT. PADDED WITH ALLOW ABLE UPHOLSTERY. IDEAL FOR CUTTING. TRAINING AND TRAIL-RIDING. As new - Dakota Cutting Saddle. FQHB, 16 in. fit, rough fender and yockey, 7 in. throat, 7 in. fender, FQHB. I want to resell it to get a nut. McLelland's cutting caliper 15.

Five made in Lake Worth, Florida. 1995 Roughout fenders and skirts. It'?s in great condition. Saddleships of Odessa Fl.

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