Used English Horse Saddles for Sale

English used horse saddles for sale

We know how important a good fit is for you and your horse. And J&B Western also takes on saddles and tack trade-ins. For example, most riders who want to ride in side saddles often find themselves looking for older saddles in antique shops, estate sales and dusty barn lofts. English brown leather saddle with adjustable width.

K & S is your central point of contact for all your horse needs, from tailor-made saddles to health care products.

Used and new saddles

Wellcome to our Sattel-Shop! Convert your used horse equipment into money. Allow us to find a home for your softly carried English or Western seat, reversible and horseback accessories. Call us in advance so that we can pay particular attention to your products. Make your objects "ready to sell".

Keep in mind, the better the look, the better the prize and the quicker they can get sold. We accept goods on Consignment on the basis of the principle "What is the best for selling". Table of consignment charges: Do not hesitate to call us at 772-286-0099 to make an appointement or to talk about your shipment positions.

This is how you find out what kind of saddle you have. Animal.

A lot of saddles are for sale at secondhand shops, in tackle shops, in the garages or in classifieds and they need to be identified. First of all, it is necessary to get a general idea of the overall nature of the nut, followed by the identification of the saddler. A lot of beloved saddlers have web sites or catalogues, and you can look up more information about the saddle either on-line or in a book to find out how many were made, when it was made and in what style and color.

First of all, find out whether you have an English or a West nut. The English saddles are shallower and have less upholstery than the West nut or theowboy nut. Westernsaddles have a bugle, a projection on the knob or on the front of the seat, which is used for ranching. British saddles always have a sole strap with either two or three strap bands to secure the strap, while Westerns saddles can have one or two strap bands.

As a rule, the manufacturer's logo on an English seat is embossed into the hide under the tongue of the legs. Put the seat on a pedestal or picket so that you can look at it closely. A magnifier may be useful if the seat is very torn so that you can see the markings better.

Search under the cover for the name, home state, and an identifier series number. They are often embossed on the welding plate or under the legrest near the belts. Popular seat makes are Crosby, Kieffer and Steuben, but there are many others. Occidental saddlers usually place their markings in one of three places: the Latin mount, behind the coat or on the mudguards.

Some manufacturers emboss under the lid or on the chair itself. Occasionally the manufacturer's brand can be found on a metallic plate attached to the nut. Favourite saddlers from the west are Billy Cook, Circle Y, Tex Tan and Tucker.

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