Used English Saddles

Second-hand English saddles

Second-hand English close contact, all-purpose and dressage saddles. Buy your next used English saddle from Mary's Tack and Feed, for the highest quality gently used saddle at an affordable price. UK saddle QUALITY in Arkansas CHEAP! Second-hand English saddles found in: Used saddles shop and all your other horse & riding needs.

Second-hand English saddles

Each used English nut we get is thoroughly checked for damages, abnormal abrasion and integrity of the trees. It is cleaned and conditioned from top to bottom to make the leathers smooth and malleable. As our saddles are pre-owned, we stock a large selection of the best makes. Counties, Pays Noir, Tad Coffin, Crosby, Stubben, Voltaire, Beval, Pessoa, Albion, Custom, CWD, Devoucoux, Frank Baines, Antares, HDR, Wintec et vieles mehr !

Secondhand english nut and bridle - tight connection nut show jumper kit training kit - english nut and bridle kit

Please note that I provide trading, options and evaluation to guarantee the best possible support! You are a happy client and I will do everything I can to make money for your company. I' ve got mono-flap, woollen flock ed, tree free and variable saddles too. Barefoot, Beval, Pays noir, Bruno Delgrange, Butet, Collegiate, comté, CWD, Devoucoux, Dominus, Duett, Freeform, Ovation, Pessoa, Prestige, Sensation, Schleese, Stubben, Tekna, Torsion, Toulouse, Wintec.......

Second hand English saddles for sell

What is the age of the used nut? How is the English nut used?

Is the salesman clearly stating that the seat is hardly used, that it is subject to heavy use, etc.? Is there more than one clear picture of the rider? Most of the time you want to see photographs of the saddles from all perspectives, even from below. When there are not enough photographs so you can see the seat as well as you want, send an e-mail to the salesman before you place a tender or buy and ask for more of them.

How big is the fit of the nut? When the salesman says that the nut is a particular make or mark, does he give us your style and series numbers and/or a recognition postmark or sign on the nut to support his demand? Are the saddles available with or without hardware (belt, stapes, sling, etc.)?

If you are looking for a used seat without selling these articles, you should know exactly what you are and what you are not. Are the saddles supplied with brackets clearly described and shown in the photographs? Is there anything wrong with the seat?

A used English seat can be assumed to have any defect. Vendors should clearly describe any scrapes, cracks, stains, etc. Each eBay listing for resale has a "Seller Info" section. Review this section to see the ratings given by past purchasers for each of them.

There' s also an area where a prospective purchaser can view remarks from former purchasers. When you have a question about a used horse trailer, ask the salesman before bidding. First on eBay? You have never made a purchase on eBay before and need to sign up to eBay.

Registration on eBay is FREE. eBay is known for its very effective feed-back system. Every eBay listing shows how many eBay sales and purchases a particular vendor has made, as well as the seller's response information. In the following you will find a detailed explanation of the "Seller information" section on eBay:

However, please be aware that the factual information on eBay may differ from that shown below. This number indicates how many eBay salespeople have made. Because an eBay vendor can also be an eBay purchaser, this number contains both purchase and sale operations.

To view the seller's ratings information, click this number. If you' re shopping on eBay, it's a good way to check the seller's feed-back information. Ensure that every salesperson you do deal with has many favorable reviews for them as a salesperson, not just as a purchaser. 2- This is the seller's mark.

Ratings are given by other eBay users who have bought something from or resold something to this vendor. If the number is higher, the evaluation is more affirmative. Highest possible feed-back rate is 100%.

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