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We offer a selection of used English saddles, including carefully used consignment saddles and other inexpensive used saddles. Second-hand English saddles, Lauriche, County, Black Country, Tad Coffin, Crosby, Stubben, CWD, Devoucoux, Albion and more. Specializing in high quality used saddles and French used saddles including used CWD saddles, Devoucoux, Antares, Butet & more for all your needs! It is a group that is only responsible for the sale of high quality English tacks.

This is your resource for gently used English tacks, including saddle pads, bits, training equipment, reins, reins, riding accessories and more.

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Beginners basics: Deutsch Tack | Noble Life

The whole equine gear can look a bit complex at first sight, but if it is dismantled into its parts, it is much simpler to use. Let us start with the turn or the standard English equestrian gear. The tack can be made of plastic or plastic. Though tack can come in a wide range of colours, depend on the type of ride that you select, the basics are the same.

This is a part of the turn that is on the back of the equestrian and is where the horseman is sitting. Usually a valance is placed under the seat to keep it tidy and to upholster the back of the horses.

Seat cushions can be made of yarn, synthetics loop or fabric and are either quadratic or contoured in the contour of a seat. Usually the calipers themselves are made of genuine leathers, but they can also be made of plastic. Seatbelt - A long length of plastic or genuine leathers with buckle at both ends.

This is a chunk of bridle that is fixed to the top of a horses skull and that has the teeth (a chunk of metallic material in the horse's mouth) and the reigns (which the horseman is holding on to).

Supplementary specific English equipment: Stirrup - The stirrup consists of the saddles and the iron and these two parts are fixed on both sides of the semi. These are the thin hides (or synthetics ) that fix the iron to the nut. Bite - The bite is fixed to the bridles and lies in the horse's jaws in the area between the front and rear dentures.

Choosing the right set of teeth is dependent on the horse's riding skills, the rules of the event, the rider's abilities and his or her own preferences. Bridles - The bridles are part of the bridles and run from the teeth or bridles to the riders hand. These are thin parts made of either plastic or genuine leathers and are available in various versions.

The English Tack can differ within each event according to its functionality and standard. As an example, young horse trainers have a tendency to use different shapes of rider and saddle to suit this type of work. Speak to your coach or the locals tack store to get exactly the English tacks you will use for your event.

As a young boy, Alek Majtenyi's passion for equestrian sports began with her passion for biking ponies and storytelling. Beginning to ride English at the tender of 10, she entered the United States ponies club at the tender of 18, where she received her C1 level credit. During her B.A. in English at the University of California, Davis, Alek worked at UC Davis Equestrian Center and initially gave equestrian classes for horse-loving youngsters.

Over the past 10 years, she has worked extensively with all age groups and rider backgrounds as The Tack Room, a small retailer in Modesto, California.

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